Dancing Queen – SNSD


SNSD pre-released this song at the end of 2012 to tease their fans a little bit. However, as a reviewer, I find no parts of this song quite appealing. I guess this would be one of the worse songs ever by any KPOP artists in the world. To learn that people cut this song, and made the girls promote Gee, I was quite happy. Gee was a fantastic song. This however is really really poopy.

Yeah, nothing in this song is quite good. Normally, I would find the chorus quite catchy, but here, I find nothing catchy. Let’s say I found the start really, really bad, and as the song went on, I wondered how this song was competing against Gee. Anyway, the song is like those really cheap songs that you find on the jukeboxes, which have not been updated since the 70’s. This song has its disco roots in it, just it is awful. The girls sound good, but this is not the song for me unfortunately. It also sounds like the girls put too much strain on their voice.

Ah, the music video. Those pants bring it back to the Gee days, however, I find it quite dull. Yes, the set looks dull to me. Anyway, those hats that kind of acted like teasers at the end were hilarious. Don’t know how anyone would mistaken the F-word as an innocent word that 5-year-olds should be saying. Thank god, the music video was released editing out the foul word. To me, bad editing and a bad stylist. Anyway, this music video is not for me.

As for the live, it was okay. I don’t think I will ever see a live performance of this song, as all (or most) SM artists end up lip syncing instead of live for their comeback stages. Yay??

2/10. Lowest score ever. And for those people who say I am bias, Boo. I am not bias. These are my thoughts of the song. I may have put down Dancing Queen, I Got A Boy and The Boys as awful songs, however Run Devil Run, Genie, Gee & Hoot were totally cool songs.


5 thoughts on “Dancing Queen – SNSD

  1. The K-Pop reviewer is not right about Dancing Queen. Dancing Queen will stand as one of Girls Generations best songs! Additionally, the time travel video element is really a remarkably well-done aspect of the song.

    Consider that the ‘Mercy’ version of the melody was done in a jazz style. It was fair but not remarkable. The GG version of the song and the lyrics change is incredibly INSPIRED! It works well. The vocal harmonies are spot-on and the girls are showcased very, very well in the choreography. Let me add that in my view Girls Gen are at their best when they are doing a fusion kind of sound with lead vocals being similar but BETTER than vintage Motown. Moreover, the lead singers of Girls Generation do not warble and thereby attempt to focus on themselves the way many present-day US divas tend to. (These same warbling divas also tend to completely ruin songs when they do that– but in the US it is politically incorrect to say so.)

    Girls Generation is back in a big way with this song. From what I have heard it greatly surpasses all the other songs on the album, but I am keeping an open mind.


    1. And this is the down side of the KPOP industry. I have my own opinion, you have yours. I say “I don’t like the song”. You say “It is the best song”. Sadly, this is the real world. I understand that you like this song, however I don’t. If you don’t know how to respect another’s opinion, then seriously, why are you reading this?

      To me, I Got A Boy was a much better song that this Dancing Queen song. I grew up in a time where electronic music came into play, hence why I find I got A Boy better than Dancing Queen, but THAT IS ME!!!


  2. Saying it “was poopy” sounded remarkably immature, and it’s “worst”, not “worse”. Your reviews seem a bit choppy at points, I’m presuming English isn’t your first language?


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