I Need You – Kim Sung Gyu (Infinite)

Source: http://www.hellokpop.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/ineedyou2.jpg

Kim Sung Gyu started his follow-up promotions right after promoting 60 Seconds with I Need You. This takes Sung Gyu’s passion for rock even further with a slow, rock ballad. Though this is not the best song for him to sing to follow up (in my point of view, he just should’ve stop. None of his other songs on the mini album was that great compared to 60 Seconds), he still made the song sound good.

This is a song that is much slower than 60 Seconds. It is alright in my point of view, and is something that came out of the rock era back in the day. His vocals are pretty good, however it does not bring his talent out as 60 Seconds did. I think 60 Seconds is more of a rock song, while this is more of a ballad. I liked the drums in this song, and that piano is pretty good as well. However, this is not my cup of tea unfortunately.

The music video is pretty epic. The black and white filter placed on the video is pretty good. The slo-motion of the video is pretty good and it fits the whole feel of the song. I am not sure about the musicians though, they look like they are really sick. I love the transition to the colour screen which makes the video much more epic. The transition itself fits the pace of the song as well. For the musicians, they seem like stalkers, because every time he turns the corner, they are right there. The smoke creates a hazy image at the end and actually blends in quite well. So a pretty good music video.

The live is just a band performance. Nothing much to complain about here.

7/10. Pretty good overall, but the song is just not for me.

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