Don’t Go – December


December has finally returned with another song at the end of December, just before enlisting into the army. Now, I totally think this is a good song, just I think it can be fixed in some areas, and when I mean some, I mean the whole song. I have dying to review a December song since June 2011 (probably accurate). They have really good vocals but they are so underrated. Dont’ Go’s title is like a message to their fans which say Don’t Go. The song I think also brings in more meaning like “Don’t Go, just wait for us to come back in 2015”, which I am assuming be the year they get out of the army. But that is what I thinking.

The song sounds quite familiar. I don’t know why, it just does. Hmmm… But what song does it sound like? T-Ara’s Day By Day and LedApple’s song. Yeah, if you did not pick that up…. Well, never-mind. But the duo when the duo sings, there is a totally different feel to it. They sound really emotional in the song and those long notes are really good. I guess my most favourite part of the song would be the chorus, particularly “Baby, Don’t Let Me Cry“. It is quite catchy. The vocal talent is really quite up there and there is no joke. I just wish that they had chosen a much better instrumental or made one of their own for this song. You know, Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby would make this song loads better. 😛

The music video is pretty good. I like how random the sets are, but how they weave the feel of the song into the car dump place makes it looks it good. But beside that, that guy is a really good actor. Is he a professional actor? I dunno. Is he? Just I don’t understand the whole purpose of the car yard. It looks good, but seems to be out of place. I particuarly like the camera work in this song. It is much different from other KPOP videos. For example, they showed us the line of vision which the girl had 1:16. I don’t fully understand the whole music video though. We can all see that they are loving and having a happy life with each other, but soon she starts to disappear. My questions is why is she disappearing? Is the guy delusional, like Dongho?

The live was alright. Just them standing there singing the song. Boo Hoo.

7/10. Pretty good, just the song could’ve just a bit original.


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