24/7 – 2Yoon (4 Minute)

2Yoon, the first subunit of 4 Minute has finally made their epic debut into the KPOP scene with 24/7. They announced that they were going to try and promote a country pop song. At first, this may sound quite disgusting  but seriously  it was much better than what I expected. Actually, it is on replay for me …. 24/7. 😉

This is something different, yet at the same time sounded really good to my ears. It takes you back to an era that was never visited in KPOP and Pop songs in general. I quite like the vocals of both the singers in the unit. I love the whole song entirely, I think the song is just perfect. I don’t much to complain about the song at all. I think my most favourite part was “Boom Clap, Boom Boom Boom Clap, Boom Clap.” It added some kind of chic yet at the same time maintained the whole country feel of the song. The chorus was definitely really catchy. Now I know many people are saying 2Yoon are copying B.A.P with the “Get Down. G-g-g-g-g-get down” part of the song, but to me, that is a load of crap. As, a popular Hong Kong drama used to say: “1 time may be coincident, but after 2 times occurring, it is not a coincident“. The only part which I find kind of weird is the bridge itself. It kind of does not fit the whole feel of the song, but still, sounds pretty good.

The music video is kind of weird from my perspective. Why? Because if I was a girl, I would not be doing farm work in high heels or expensive boots. Nor will I be doing any digging with a very expensive hat, jacket, pair of pants and/or any jewellery on myself. Why? because they are usually expensive, and would cost a fortune to take to the dry cleaners or to clean it myself. Now beside rich girls going to a farm to kind of “change it”, the girls bring a wave which causes a hype in the whole town. I liked the set which the music video was filmed in. It was very original. I am confused about the ending, though. Was it a dream, or did they think it up in their imagination? But anyway, the music video was quite good.

The dance is very western like. It is pretty easy to follow, and the moves are not that difficult. Yes, I tried it. You have a problem? Now, I know that overalls are a good choice for this style and dance, just leather overalls, are very distracting. Yeah, quite distracting. 😉

Anyway…. 9.5/10.


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