I’m Sorry – CN Blue


CN Blue has finally made their long awaited comeback. Not only is this one of the most anticipated comebacks of the month, it has also raised the bar of competition in the industry. Let’s just say, it is going to be a nasty battle.  Lets also say that this comeback has lived up to its expectations. Cue review:

I’m Sorry is a really good song. As soon as I heard the song, lets just say I was rocking it hard. The start where the girl is like “It’s Over” over the phone is pretty unique. The guitar, drums and vocals in this song is superb, but what else are you meant to expect from one of the most popular KPOP groups yet To me, there was some kind of influence, that I felt in this song from American bands like Train etc. Really, this actually adds more competition to the game. If this song does not win, I will be disappointed. If you have not listened or watched the music video for this song, where have you been? This is one of the best songs of the month. The chorus is exceptionally catchy, especially those moments after each chorus. Pretty cool.

The music video was quite cool, but quite confusing. I guess if this music video became a drama version music video, like what T-Ara and Speed has, I guess added dialogue would’ve helped cleared up some confusion I have. Jungshin was the easiest to understand, as this is on the line of a love song, where the guy is sorry for breaking up. He takes a rose, which probably signifies his loneliness, and smashes it on a pole, scaring the living daylights out of his really, really annoying girl. Let me tell you one thing, buses and trains where I live, don’t have talking people on it. It is basically “Shut up or get off” kind of policy. That girl is quite… Minhyuk in this video is sorry, for smashing a chair and cutting his hands with broken glass shards, however, is it something that he said or heard from the people around him or a girl that angers him? Then, it gets worse. Jonghyun is sorry because he cannot busk for his girlfriend in a subway tunnel. I am sorry? I don’t quite understand. Yonghwa on the other hand is angry because he broke up with his girlfriend on the phone. I don’t see any logic in the anger there. They all join up, and end up throwing something that means a lot to them, like their relationship, for example Yonghwa: his phone, which was the last piece of contact for him with his girlfriend; Minhyuk and his bloody bandages; Jungshin and his lonely rose; and Jonghyun with his guitar pick. Yeah confusing as it is, the only thing I want to see live is the Engrish used by Jonghyun when he talked to those security guards. Classic.

He live is pretty good. First band, in probably a long time, to play live with their instruments as well. Jonghyun was pretty hyperactive in the performances as well.

9/10. Enough said.

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