On & On – VIXX

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Another group making their comeback in January is VIXX. Debuting last year, they released Super Hero and Rock Ur Body which had more of a fun zest to the feel, while On & On is quite different, which is a much more darker and mature concept. One thing I must say: scary. I will tell you why later.

Anyway, the song at the start had this really mysterious sound to it. However, does anyone notice that the start sounds identical to “The Phantom Of The Opera”? Hmmm.. while expected something along the lines of the Phantom of the Opera, we are greeted by a song that sounds like werewolves, while the dance itself is vampire like. Ummm… Wait a minute… this all sounds familiar!!!! I really liked the rap and vocals of the song, pretty cool overall. The “I Need Therapy” part of the song did not fit in with the rest of the song, however, the guys seemed to pull it off fine. I also liked the start. It was quite original, but beside that, it was your classic KPOP song, just with a hint of mysteriousness.

As for the music video, I would’ve have been happy if the introduction was not part of the video. But it was, and the intro was exceptionally confusing and boring. So these lady guards spot a girl far away in need of rescue. So these guards let captives (who are VIXX) to save the girls, but at the same time blast them into space. After that, they become shirtless in the rocket which is transporting them. They have a very rough landing, and turns out they are dressed in suits, and then they dance. And then they save the girl, by dancing. Don’t understand. However, I did love the style of the video. I love the broken rocket ship which made it looked pretty good.

The live is pretty good. Their dance looks creepy, but at the same time still fits the concept quite well. I like that. The rapper and the rest of the band look scary as hell with all of the eyeliner and fake lenses that they wear in their eyes.

For this song, video + performance, I give it an 8/10. As for the amount of eyeliner in this music video and live, I give them a 9.99/10. Unfortunately, I heard they used just a bit less than Brown Eyed Girls in Abracadabra, so I cannot award that extra 0.1%.

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