Just That Little Thing – MYNAME

Source: http://www.mtvk.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/MYNAME-Just-That-Little-Thing-Teaser-2.jpg

MYNAME recently made their comeback with Just That Little Thing. Off the bat, it took me a few times to quite understand the title. I read many times in my head and just could not understand it. When I got it, I was quite happy and proud of myself, until I saw the music video. Yeah, sad isn’t. I am so sorry, if this review is so awkward. This is my first review in like 3 weeks. Yeah, I took a break. NOTE: This was written on the 15th of February  yet it will be published on the 8ish of March.

Let’s just say that song was okay. At first I liked it, but then I was like not for me. Then I liked it again, and then I thought to myself: No. To be honest, I find this song lacking. Vocals were okay and the rap was too. When you first hear the song, it is like some kind of like club song that was mashed up with a sad, romantic ballad. Yeah, that is something that won’t mix and probably will never mix. The chorus starts to pick up, which made the song much better if it remained at a slowed pace. I really like the sound of the end of the chorus. It is like when I write essays, and cannot finish my conclusion, so you will write anything to finish the piece. Here, for this song, it really fits. I have to admit, the vocals always improve when the boys come out with a new song. But then again, the song was not ideal. I mean, pick whether you want a love song or a club themed song. It is not hard. The rap did fit the melody of the song, but not the actually pace of the song. That “Rawr” from the rapper, is really out of place in the whole song and was kind of a major let down for me.

The music video was quite confusing. It seems that it got in the way of me understanding the song. It is arty, but to me it is boring. From he outside, it a a guy who has not stepped into this room for a very long time, so he decides to go around the room looking for things, and on the way discover things that belonged to his former girlfriend. They proceed to cry on the couch which has been conveniently covered for the next scene. Everything starts to explode. Like, where on the earth did the director think of this? “Oh, lets add the slo motion camera and put bombs everywhere in the room to make the music video look good.” It just does not reflect the song at all. Overall, a disappointment.

As for the dance. Wow. I really liked the dance. The flying kicks in mid air were really unique and really sets the group apart from other KPOP groups. The punch at the end of the song is so in sync, I had to replay it a few times to see if the group or a member was a fraction too late. All of the dance moves were all in sync, actually and timing with the song were really good.

So much for my 400 word max. word limit. Anyway, I would give this a 5. It would’ve have been lower, if it was not for the dance, but overall, I was quite confused with where I felt with the song.

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