One Shot – B.A.P


B.A.P is back (once again) with another song that revisits their debut roots. Not more cutey ageyo style, but a more masculine, manlier, hardcore comeback. I really cannot give you any more to the introduction than what I have already, So lets focus on Himchan. Seriously, at first I though this guy would make no difference in the group. Boy was I wrong, when I first saw the band perform as a five, I thought something was missing. Himchan, get better. I think your group misses performing with you.

The song is definitely similar to Warrior, Power and No Mercy. However like those three songs, it stands out in the crowd. To me, this song is a winner, because of the rocking instrumental, the deep-as rap and the power vocals. I guess they just did not see SHINee come back? Or Sistar19? Or CN Blue? I guess. But hey, let’s focus on B.A.P. The song, to me, is such a fantastic song. The start of it gives us to some mysterious, but epic introduction, somewhat like what Nilli Mambo had in store for us. BYG’s rap was the deepest of raps that I have heard. Then we get to Himchan’s part, which sounds kind of odd at first, because out of all the songs, his part sounds the most awkward. Then  we go to Jongup, who picks the song up once again leading into the mother of epic chorus to date. Seriously  get your vocal cords checked out Daehyun, last thing we all want is to see you losing your voice. Zelo and Youngjae also sound quite superb. Oh, and the push up dance instrumental was the beats part of the song.

The music video was somewhat pretty good. It kind of confused me a bit, towards the end. Yeah, TS Ent, I see your troll face. I see what you love doing. One moment, Youngjae dies, the next he is a police officer. Make sense. Why did I not think of that? LOL Anyway, beside that little moment at the end, I thought the plot was much solid. All I want to know, is why Youngjae kidnapped? And why BYG did not notice something strange when Youngjae was putting something in your bag? And the awkwardness between the two in that scene. But beside that, I think the music video is solid. It fits the song and its power. B.A.P you ahve done it once again (just don’t give alternative endings, it confuses the eff out of me)

The dance is really powerful. The chrous kind of looked weak, but that push up dance at the end of each chorus, was superb. Fits the feel of the song.

8.5/10. Really impressed.


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