Safety Zone – DMTN


DTMN (Formerly known as Dalmatian) came back with Safety Zone last month. Different from their past hits, this song and single takes a different approach. This song, to me, focused heavily on vocals and rap, unlike ER which focused a tiny bit more on dance. For me, this comeback seemed like a fail. Not only were they unable to rank properly on the charts, they were given the big whoop from music programs, where their song was the only song that was shortened, when I thought other bands would be.

The song was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Do you understand? This song had the addictive beat, the catchy chrous, the really cool instrumental. The first few seconds were amazing with the piano beat. The opening lines added extra impact from Simon with his voice. The song is much slower than their previous song which is pretty amazing. I love the use of English in this song, it makes total sense when the song has something with the Safety Zone. Simon’s little rap sequence towards the end gave the final blow (o.O), adding the biggest of impacts a person can receive after listening to a song. The only thing is, the song got pretty boring for me, after a while. Another complaint for the English translation ins Simon’s part, I am sure he said “I am in the safety zone” whereas the music video from Leon Ent claims he said “I mean the safety zone“. Confusing. Overall, it was pretty good.

Yeah, the song is okay, but the music video is quite something to talk about more in depth. It definitely fitted the song’s slowness. However, that girl is technically creepy. No one sits in a club and stares at a girl who keeps on disappearing, while there are other people dancing around you. And the fact that you managed to keep your eyes focused on the exact some spot the whole time, when there are people moving about, is pretty hardcore. And also, point 1:23. Wasn’t that guy just running from down towards the camera? Why is he now running backwards? Why God Why? That dramatic scene where the guy enters and help his friend out is pretty cool, with the instrumental and all of that. But seriously, with that scene, why am I doubting the message of the song? You see, they are seeing at a girl, but after that scene, it seems the boys were singing to each other. “I tried to stop you when you already left“. It fits the context of the video. And that girl, why are you crying? You boyfriend/lover is getting bashed up, and you are sitting there crying? Why not run for it, after all he is trying to save you? Or better struggle? Yell? Eat something? Just do something more interesting than thinking “Oh well, my hero is going to die, better just live with these smelly kidnappers than”.

The live is pretty good. I am quite surprised because the dance from this group always surprises me but this time around they had went with a slower approach which fit the song quite well.

7.5/10. Overall, pretty good.

PS. In regards to Daniel’s marijuana case, I do hope everything will be okay for him and the band. It would be a pity to see a ripe band go like that. Hopefully he will get through everything okay. All the people I have heard from are quite supportive of him. Hwaiting~


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