Tell Me Tell Me – Rainbow


The girls are back with another song after a year and a bit. It has been a very long time since their last song, which I think is To You (please correct me if I am wrong). I don’t follow the band, but I really thought they were quite horrible, until this song came out.

The song is pretty cool. Though I am not the type to fall for the aegyo type of song, this one is an exception. There was definitely a bit of sexiness within the song. I am not sure what it is, but there was something that sets this song different from other songs. Anyway, the use of violins in this song is pretty cool. I think that won me over. Beside the instrumental, this song divides rap and vocal sequences quite well. There was 3 rap parts to the song, while other songs only tend to have one part. So pretty good.

The music video to me was a let down. I was not quite happy with it and it did not live to its standard that it set. I actually think A and To You were much better music videos than this. It is them dancing and close ups and quite a few scenes of them waiting for their boyfriends or something. Not really the best music video in my point, but I guess it will do well.

The dance is quite cool, but I found it .quite repetitive. There was not much of a change throughout the song, particularly the chorus part. They are meant to make the song look good, but with the same dance, it kind of bores the person to death.

8/10. It was a pretty strong comeback to be honest. Pity it did not win any awards (yet, since MBC and SBS plan to bring the ranking and award system back in the coming weeks).

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