Don’t Want To Be An Idol – VIXX


VIXX pre-released “Don’t Want To Be An Idol” ahead of their release of their third single. This song has a much different feel to their promotional track, and also has a total different feel from Rock Ur Body and Super Hero, released during their debut year. Out of all of their songs released since debut, and including all of the songs that have been released this year already, “Don’t Want To Be An Idol” is one of the most outstanding yet.

First of all, this song brings out all of their vocal talents. No rap is needed to make a good song, unless you are a hip-hop or rap group/artist. But beside that, I really enjoyed this song. The song was soft and mellow, and sounds really good. Most Korean songs, including the ones I like a pretty hard to follow at first, but after listening to this song once, I quite enjoyed it and actually felt the emotion in their vocals. Actually no artist is actually able to do that to me expect for Brown Eyed Girls, Adele and Owl City. I guess you can say that this song was not expected from VIXX at all. Really good.

9/10. This is a really good song from a seriously underrated group.



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