It’s Over – Lee Hi


Lee Hi has made her long awaited comeback after around a 4-5 month break from the industry. Last time it was 1,2,3,4 and now it is It’s Over. Seriously, this is one cute song with one cute music video.  Unfortunately she does not perform on Inkigayo until Sunday. The thing is, I am typing this on the 15/03/2013, which means I write these reviews way in advanced. Let’s continue, because I have dying to write something about this song’s music video.

Lee Hi achieved a lot of success with 1,2,34, earning her the top spot on her actual debut stage (She is the first artists to do that) and also (I think) the first rookie to achieve an all kill and a triple crown on MCountdown. Anyway, this song does carry over her vocal talent from her previous single. However, from my eyes, this song is actually more performance/dance base than vocal talent. She is moving a lot more than what she did for 1,2,3,4. Actually, now I think I am going off topic. Anyway, the song is pretty superb. I was not a fan of the retro sound which she went for in 1,2,3,4. However this song really changed me. I like her voice. The lyrics are meh, for me (To be honest, I skimmed through the lyrics). I only listened to this song for voice and the instrumental. Overall pretty good.

The music video was so cute. But that blue bear really needs someone to cheer him up. Have you seen his facial expression? It is like an angry bear’s face. Hahahahaha. I kid. No, but that bear, while this music video is so cute, is quite a let down. but how the bear (cough-the-person-cough) dances around is so cute. YG did the right thing to include the bear, without it, the music video would be quite plain and really would not be appealing at all. I would like you to refer to 0:50. Did he drop Lee Hi? And not only that, but did he drop that pink teddy bear? The one he was nurturing a moment ago? At 1:45, I now know what truly happened to my big bowl of jelly babies. 1:52, where he throws the shopping trolley down, because Lee Hi was making funny of his fat tummy. Who wouldn’t? So overall, I am trying to say that this music video is hilarious because of the bear. But beside that, my complaint is how random the rest of the costumes are. Seriously? Ice-cream?  Cereal Box? And there are also back up yoga dancers? WTF?

Okay, even though this song is dance heavy, I find it quite basic and quite boring. It is nothing much considering other artists at the moment. However, it is much better to see her move more than 1,2,3,4. I think if this dance was more complex, than it would’ve ruined the whole song. So pretty cool. Oh the cute bear.

Opps (G.Na reference), forgot to rate the song. I give it a 7.5/10.


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