Just Go – Rania

Source: http://cdn.popdust.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/RaNia-Just-Go-Feature.jpg

Rania has finally made their long awaited comeback with a cool freaking song. Known for their outgoing sexual dances and songs, it seems that the girls have matured and toned the level of sexiness with this song. Move along rookie status, because these girls are here to stay. No ifs and not buts. I should be a salesperson, shouldn’t I?

Just Go, to me is the average pop song. To me, there is no difference between this song and let’s say Lady Gaga’s Telephone or Rihanna Like A Diamond. This song does seem average, but still is quite rocking. This is a song that I would hear from a very mature group but from a group that had their share of the “experience”. But beside all of that, the instrumental is pretty cool for this song. Minus the autotune, the vocals in this song is really good. I really find the chorus really catchy and thier use of English fits the feel of the song quite well, actually. I particularly love the line “Goodbye is the new hello”. Arghh, so cool. And this song actually has no rap. I am amazed. Wow.

Yeah, first thing first, those letters at the start. Crap editing. Seriously. I like what they did with the colours, but how they placed it in the music video seemed rushed. I actually like the whole set, from where they stand and look pretty and the areas where they dance. But I don’t get that guy. He does not look like a player. Judging from this appearance, I think they chose the wrong guy to play that role, especially since he looks like he is in his late thirties and at the same time has a moustache. That scene where the girl is running down the street and at the end where she stops and looks down seems quite random in the context of the music video, but hey, it makes it looks good.

The dance is not sexual as like Masquerade or Pop Pop Pop. But this song still has a lot of ass rubbing and rubbing on guys, and rubbing in general. But hey, rubbing is the new trend. And what is with Rania and hip movements? I am concerned.

7.5/10. Pretty good.

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