Oops! – G.Na

Source: http://d1i45kki000yqu.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/gna_teaser.jpg

G.Na is finally back with a new song after nearly a year of absence from the stage. Just last year she promoted 2Hot, which was a rocking song. This is a different side of her, from what was a powerful and dominate feel to a more vulnerable, aegyo and  much sexier feel.

This song talks about the feelings which an older women has for a younger man. The meaning of the lyrics for this song, I don’t think have not appeared much elsewhere in the KPOP industry, so this idea is pretty unique. The piano introduction was pretty interesting. G.Na sounds pretty good and Ilhoon does as well. The only problem is that, this song sounds more a like a duet between the two rather than one singer featuring in the other’s song. Ilhoon’s parts are really scattered around the song, and I guess it can also be described as icing sugar on a cake. Scattered everywhere, but sounds (or taste?) like perfection. But this is not the best song from G.Na. It is not her. I prefer a more dominate G.Na who sounds much passionate, not an innocent figure.

The music video is okay, I guess. There is nothing much to say about the music video at all. When I first saw the music video, I literally thought she was naked. I blame the nude colour of the shirt she was wearing. I found Ilhoon’s appearance in the music video quite distracting for some reason. I also thought the cat scene was kind of random as well. They always seemed to reuse B.A.P’s No Mercy foil background. And my last complaint: I found the club scene, really something that should not have been in the music video. It does not reflect the feel of the song or the previous parts, which were all white. But let’s end this part on a good note: I love G.Na’s new read hair. I think it suits her really well.

The live is okay, Ilhoon seems to do a bit of exercise running around the stage and seems to also be taking after JunHyung who also does some running on stage. It seems the dance fits the feel of the song quite well, giving it that extra innocent touch.

5/10. It is okay, but it is not the best song out there at this very moment.


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