Just The Two Of Us – Davichi

Source: http://www.mtvk.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/k_davichi_mystic-ballad.png

Davichi has finally began their official promotions of their third album with another wonderful song. At the end of February (from memory), they released a single called Turtle, which I have reviewed about already here. They also on the 1st of April, another song, giving thanks to their success for their all kills which they have all achieved with the two songs. All Kills in Korea is when they top all of the three major charts in terms of download. But hey, congratulation Davichi. You deserve it!

Davichi sounds really good in this song. Their harmonisation is spot on and really sound well. The song is quite slow, but it fits their voices really well. I guess this song fits the standards of their previous songs or even higher. The piano  accompaniment sounds amazing. You can hear sadness of the song and the sorrow which they have in this song. Seriously, no wonder people say they are like a powerhouse. The songs builds up slowly and when they reach a  certain part, they unleash all the power they have gathered, which Davichi always seems to be the best at. I also think I can hear a harp in this song. I don’t usually hear harps at all. But hey, I don’t want to creep you out yet. So let’s just rest it at this.

The music video is really good. First off the bat, I would like to mention the lighting in this video. The moments when the lead actress feels sad and lonely, there is this dark lighting in the video. The moments where she is happy and enjoying her time with her quite handsome boyfriend, the lighting is quite bright and joyful. Now, that is off my chest. Yes, this is a such a sad music video. I found the music video itself compliments the song and its sorrows. However, there are a few things that quite confuses me. The first, is the craving into the table. That really does not occur where I live. Not sure about Korea, but carving things into the table is definitely not on my list of social norms. And also, did he crave “Be With Yo4” instead of “Be With You”? Secondly, the music video is actually lacking a scene, as a YouTuber did notice. I agree, the music video is missing the scene of why he actually first broke up with her, but yet it shows that he misses her. Did he hide some dirty secret from her? Did he suffer and avoided his girlfriend from suffering?. Lastly, she seems to be drinking a lot in this music video. I don’t think she touched her food at all. (Yes, she did order some food. Check the end of the video).

The live is like a normal ballad performance. Just those rose covered chairs really look distracting in the whole performance.  -Insert best bitchy face here- .

8.5/10. Pretty good.

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