Rose – Lee Hi


Lee Hi recently followed up with her promotions of her song from her 2nd mini album (?) with Rose. This too, also achieved really high on the charts and the charts is starting to become similar to the Hunger Games arena. Who will volunteer as tribute, we will soon find out. But Lee Hi recently started promoting Rose, which is quite the opposite of It’s Over. Want more info? Read on.

The song is much more darker than It’s Over. It’s Over (which review is here!!!) was much more of a bright song, full of life and happy emotions. Rose took a turn for the good, and changed dramatically. Her soulful vibes in this song matches the whole genre really well. However, I am actually more used to her voice being more lively. I personally don’t think this is possible, but the song kind of felt like it was sung with a monotone voice. There seems to be emotions in some part, nothing really to give me the pleasure of listening to it.  But hey, the song is still good. Her mini English part took me sometime to work out. It sounds more like stem, in a way. The instrumental is okay, nothing major, but I still think the song is pretty good.

The music video relied on a lot of white. It was like white everything, but their use of other colours, red, and the shade of black, was pretty good, and really was bolded in the who video. The music video was pretty beautiful. Just I have some concerns. I like the scenes with the blood dripping from the thorns of the stems of the white things (don’t really think you can call them a stem). What I don’t get is why there are half naked soldiers running through this bush or thing? And why were they covered in white paint? Is this some kind of specialty paintball park or something  Where there is only white paint, places where you can prick yourself and bleed and you must be half naked at all times. Ouch. Also, I really don’t get the point of the female dancers in the video. I just want to say this: Don’t you hate it when outside is so windy, and you try to hang bedsheets on the clothes line? Just me? Oh.

The live is kind of weird. I don’t really like the start of the MCountdown performance, mainly because of the black and white effect. It makes the whole performance look outdated and dull. The female dancers make their return, in what seems to be much thicker bedsheets. Honestly, I think YG is cutting back on the amount of money they are spending for clothes on the dancers. The guys in Big Bang’s performance for SBS Gayo last year, only wore pants and a jacket, not even a shirt underneath. Concerned. I thought Gangnam Style made you guys a lot of money… The stage is pretty good as well, but the dance is nothing that great.

6/10. Dark, but okay.

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