Second Confession – BTOB

BTOB is finally back with a brand new song, called Second Confession. My question is, what was their first confession? Yeah, that is me being lame. Yeah yeah yeah, I know that the second confession would mean that a girl which the song is addressed to, had rejected when the guy first confessed. Then the guy is now asking the girl to listen to his second confession. I know. I am not stupid. ūüėõ

The song is quite cutesy than I expected. BTOB is a dance group with funky songs that have a good beat. This, however, was an u turn for their image. Did not expect at all. Yes, I was also quite disappointed. At first, I¬†thought¬†the song sounded weird. It did not appeal to me at all. After listening to it for a few times, I actually liked the song and really enjoyed the¬†instrumental¬† Yes, maybe it is not the typical BTOB song that we all know, but at least we know they have guts to “experiment”. The vocals were pretty good. I was totally¬†surprised¬†when Sungjae dominated the chorus. Another thing I was also¬†surprised¬†about. Also, I thought BTOB only had one rapper. Now there are two. Mind-ception.

The music video is quite interesting. Like many other videos which I have reviewed recently, I felt they seemed bland and plain. There was nothing that got me to the edge of my seat for this video. There was nothing that I anticipated. I guess I was more¬†occupied¬†about how “fate” got that letter to the girl. But really I thought nothing of the video beside that. It was not good but at the same was not bad.¬†Neutral¬†feeling. What people need more in the world!

The dance fitted the beat of the song. Actually, until I watched the performance the first time around, I realized there was that mini dubstep sound in the song. Random as it is, it fitted the song. It was not that bad, but did not really kept me hanging.

6/10. Okay, I guess.

( I speak on behalf of all the fangirls. Cuteness overload for the Pyjama version of the music video. However, I felt it was random and sudden. I also don’t think the same way as the fangirls).

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