Shaking Heart – C-Clown


C-Clown is once again on the stages (for a week, I guess) with a new song. Seriously, where did they disappear to? I know they would have other schedules, but it has been 2 weeks since they released their single. It seems like they left. Oh well. Now, I have to make this paragraph longer by typing more. How are you? Okay? Happy? Sad? *Insert funny face here*

Classy yet still keeping their image. Their english at the start, was damn right powerful. Their vocals were superb and the rap was amazing. I really like the beat and instrumental of the song. As I said, it had class in it and sounded really good. The chorus sounded pretty good and was quite addictive. However, like BTOB’s most recent review (Click here for it!), I don’t have much to say about it. I like the song, but also do have this neutral feeling towards it. I don’t think they will win an award with the song. It keeps their image, but the song is not enough to have them win (When I say win, I mean in terms of the song, not the member’s look). Also the ending of the song was abrupt  End of the story.

Wow, was I blown away by the music video or not? That start with the microphone dropping out of nowhere was amazing. Why has no other KPOP director thought of that. Yes, you have swag. Yeah, I had visibility problems. It was either too dark, or the lights were shining at the camera, when they were dancing. I guess they tried of make a dark scene, but add some artificial lighting, but it did not work. The hat dance at the start was pretty cool as well. Also, I felt the scenes with Hyeri in them, were quite distracting. They were all over the place. I understand they did that for the effect, but seriously, she served no purpose to the music video expect fr staring at the camera and hugging a guy’s back.

The dance is pretty cool. Again, there is nothing to comment about the dance. It was okay, nothing that good to talk about or that bad to point out about.

7/10. Pretty good.

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