Dreamer – History (ft. IU)

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History made their debut recently with Dreamer which to me is a really great song. As dubbed by their company, as the opposite of Fiestar, they are living up to their standards. They are a group of 5 guys, who sound amazing and are great at harmonizing. Seriously if you are looking for a talent male group, this is one that should be on your list. Okay, stop me. Before…..

Spectacular. Amazing. Lovely. Ummm… I am running out of words. Basically, I totally like this song. Though it seems that this is just a rookie group, this group has amazing vocals and really good rapper. Don’t underestimate them, okay? The way they sing the song is really great. If I was to compare them to a well known artist, I guess 5 Whitney Houstons’? Probably a horrible example, but you will get my flow. They rely a lot of vocals which is very important. Their chorus is pretty good, along with their verses. I will be following this group from now on. You betcha! Also, IU’s part seems quite good, after you learn what she really says. If you don’t well, it is just a waste of music, I guess.

The music video, on the other hand, is not that great. It is not memorable like SHINee’s Why So Serious or 4 Minute’s What’s Your Name? each of which I have reviewed (Here) and (Here) respectively. I don’t really understand the music video at all. At first, there seems to be some Russian spy who is really suspicious who is spying on the people who live in the house. Yeah, I am going to stop ruining the music video before I get to the other parts. I love the set which they are dancing on. Looks amazing and really good. Gives off that old Hollywood look to it, which seems to be spread out in the video a lot. That girl too is really pretty. But beside the fact that the music video makes no sense whatsoever, it was okay.

Okay this group is putting their name out there via vocals not dancing. There is not much of a dancing that would be memorable. There is dancing and they seem pretty good at it. But they give off this feel that “I don’t want to dance, because I suck at it”. Good points for giving it a try though.

9/10. Really good.

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