Come Back When You Hear This Song – 2PM


Aka. The longest title for a song ever. Sigh. 2PM is finally back after making their fans music deprived for around 1-2 years now. That must be a record for a popular KPOP group. Despite being shunned by the queen of KPOP herself, 2PM still ranks fairly high with this song. They are also due to release a new song, which will be their second title track sometime next week.

The song is quite addictive. To be precise, it is the best song on their album. Hopefully their next song off the album is better or have the same standard. It seems like the members are given more equality in the song. Something that many KPOP bands are lacking in. Sistar, SHINee, Teen Top, 4 Minute, BTOB just to name a few. But this song is really good. I love the addition of the piano and love how the dance fits the beat and the actual instruments of the song. The feel is much different and it proves that a band does not need to have a electro beat song to do well. This song is quite the opposite, but also has a big impact. I enjoyed the rap of the song and really found the chorus well done. The only complaint I have with the song is that … oh wait… there is no complaint whatsoever. First song in a while. So yeah, quite satisfied with the outcome of the song. (Oh, love the JYP part in the song.

As for the music video, I really like the whole idea of the so called “sins”. Lust, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Gluttony and Wrath all brings one person’s pride down. I love how it is also tied together in  like a little bunch of flowers. the only word that seems out of place here is Sloth. For some reason, sloth sounds really harsh. I am thinking of laziness or something along the lines of that. It sounds much formal. Also, love the effects in this video with the speakers. Those speakers are big and add some depth into that beautiful night view on the very top of the building. I also love the black and white feel of the video, despite the video being filmed in colour. I will let you ponder of that. 😛

The dance is quite confusing for me. So I won’t judge it. *Inserting hard judging eyes here*.

8.5/10. Pretty good. Awaiting their live stage and their next release.

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