What’s Going On? – B1A4


B1A4 is finally back with a new song, which seems to travel back in time. Before 2012 where the boys were dead serious. When they had more fun on stage and having a serious face and extremely hard to follow choreography. However, it seems that the boys have gone a long way with this song and have improved a lot.

Seriously guys, I had to like push back reviewing this song many times. The first time was before the actual song was actually released. The second time was waiting for a music video. And once again because I took a week off earlier this month. Anyway, the song returns the, to their debut period however has a different feel to it. I find this song much better then Beautiful Target and OK! I like it how the lines are more evenly spread out to the members. Gongchan actually has more than 2 lines in the whole song. The instrumental of the song was amazing. The like the rap and that little vocal part which Baro has. The only complainant is the bridge. It feels out of place in the song. It slowed down the song a little too much.

As for the music video. What The Fudge Cake seems to sum it up, don’t you think? I was more confused that a baboon flirting with a red penguin. Seriously, who thought of this better own up. Wait. Praise The Lord everybody. The guys seem to be spying on a girl and calling her to see how she is going, a lot of the time. They combined all their efforts in this task. However, she is spotted dating with a guy. Moving the sorry along, the guy sense something is wrong (Maybe Baro should never have had choked the poor fellow) and boards up the room. There is no food and no toilet in there, you know that right? Afterwards the guys break in and kill the boyfriend. Talk about the killer pillow. Not sleeping near mine tonight. Then they attack each other to be the girls new boyfriend. Woo. I think I did okay summing the plot up. You watch the video and probably be like me: WTF?? I also loved the box idea of the whole music video. Those zoomed out parts add a whole different meaning the to the video.

The live is pretty cool. I like the dance. It is more out there and relaxed than their previous song. Liked the ending a lot. It seems to coordinated and fun. It seems like Nine Muses Wild (which you can view the review here).

Sorry that this review was a bit long. I blame the confusing music video. 8.5/10.

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