Bad Girl – Lee Hyori


Lee Hyori has finally made her comeback with one hell of a song. Can you believe it? This is how you do a comeback, everybody, because nothing will top her and anything in her way will be crashed. That does also mean 2PM and Shinwa, for your information. Seriously, I have never seen a successful comeback with an really confident artist as the stage performer. Hence, why Lee Hyori is still here with us. Move over scandals. The Queen in back and she is going to make sure that she stays in everybody’s mind. Well, I guess I should let the “bad girl” do the rest. I think I just scarred you with my obviously great sense of humour. But let’s just continue right? No need for compliments here.

Okay, Lee Hyori sounds amazing in this song. She lives up to her name as the Queen. This is the first song since U Go Girl by Lee Hyori that has placed a really good image of her in my mind. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang scared the daylights out of me and sounded too futuristic. Here, we see her adapting to the feel and the genre in which recent and current idols have established for KPOP. Bad Girls is a song that I would compare to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. I do not want to start a fan war here or anything, but both songs are quite equivalent. I would not be surprised is Bad Girls become of the top rated songs for the year. The song a really catchy beat that I am sure anyone who listens to it would find amazing. The chorus itself is amazing. Actually, come to the think of it, the ending of the song  sounds somewhat familiar. Some beach themed song. Forgot the title, but it sounds quite familiar come to the think of it now. I loved the “Bad Bad Bad Girls” and the “Let’s Do It One More Time”. They both add that Lee Hyori feel to the song, which is again, amazing.

The music video tell the story of how this girl, which I assume, grows up to be a bad girl (aka. Lee Hyori).Her mother dies while giving birth to this child, which in turn the child grew up to be an exact copy of. That, and also the stepmother. But that kids face, at the very start when it is  small baby is quite scary. Oh, I think I hear a horror movie on next door. Seriously, I love the kid’s bitch face. Amazing face. Someone make it into a gif, and send it to me. We don’t know why this little girl becomes so evil in the video. Also, the stepmother gives off that evil stepmother in Hansel and Gretel and also Cinderella. Also, in Year 10, Lee Hyori learns about the quadratic formula. You know that awfully long scary looking formula to find the x intercepts of a parabola or quadratic? Yeah, that one. Well, why the hell are they also learning it in Year 14 and Year 18? If they even exist, should they not be learning something else, rather the same thing. Oh also, why doesn’t anyone want to clean that white board over the period of 8 years. You guys are like learning the same thing over and over again! The ending seemed a bit random, but still made sense in the context of the video. I loved the use of the comic transition and the colours in this music video.

The dance too was really good. It oozed sexiness all over it. From the chorus to the same “Bad Bad Bad Bad Girls” part with the devils ear! Loved it and is hell of a catchy dance as well.

9.5/10. The Queen is back. And this is also the last Lee Hyori review I will be doing. I think 5 reviews for one artist, one after the other is quite demanding and repetitive. So, hands down, the Queen has it. Also, in the playlist below is the music video, the dance version, a live performance, the Miss Korea music video (REVIEW HERE) and her most recent music video to date: Amor Mio.


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