Wolf – EXO

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EXO has finally made their long awaited comeback. Seriously guys? Despite EXO not coming back for a whole year, why are you guys so needy for a comeback and saying that “It has been so long”. I have never seen a more feistier fanclub ever before. It is like if we put Super Junior, 2PM, Beast and Big Bang’s fans in one room. Likewise, SNSD, Wonder Girl’s, 2NE1, 4Minute fans in the room. Okay, I should shut up before some exotics get to me. EXO made a very confident comeback which is quite likely to put their name out in the field, but not really enough to be as successful as their other label mates. What I see is from the perspective of fans. What this review is, is something totally different.

This, by far, is the worst song out there at this very moment. Yes, it had an addictive beat but the song was just a mis-mash of different genres placed together. I was looking forward to this song, however first time listening to it, I was WTF? Second time, WTF? Third time, WTF? Fourth time, WTF? The lyrics are not appealing. The song overall was a tragic mess. I avoided reviewing MAMA for a reason, and actually I regret not reviewing that song now. However, due to the amount of publicity this group has been getting, I guess I had to put the review up. I am quite disappointed. I expected better. I guess SM is doing the same stunts now, like what they have been doing with SHINee and F(x). Horrible management. The only part I like was that part, however, which was the relief bit for you guys, was that part after Kyungsoo (I think that his name is), where the three guys start rapping. That was cool.

The music video was quite horrible as well. Another tragic mess. Another dark video, one that was quite confusing. The set was not as spectacular as I had expected. It did not feature anything that was “great”, and again SM is not putting enough money into the production of these music videos, just a box set and odd lighting. The dance was okay as well. Not great. I thought they were making the crocodile snapping heads during the dance and at the same time I thought, “Wasn’t this song about wolves, not crocodiles?” That was pose must’ve been hard to do, but seriously, it looked random and out of the place during the whole performance. The ending was great, but the start did not appeal to me at all. So overall, crappy music video and a somewhat okay dance.

4/10. At least they scored higher than T-Ara’s Sexy Love? Comforting? No? Also, this is my view on the song, and I actually have friends that agree to how boring and useless this comeback is. So there are people in the world that also share views that are opposite of “Dreamy Kai Oppa” or “EXO is the BEST BAND EVER” or “EXO beats the rest”!

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