This Love – Shinhwa


Shinwa recently made their comeback with a whole new style. This Love was released on the 16th of May, meaning that this review is around a month overdue. Sorry. I would like to start off that I prefer this song only over Venus. Venus was dark and creepy for me. This song has more life to it. Yet, this is also another tragic review that I am going to write. Despite me preferring this song over another, I must warn you that this will be a really crappy review. If you are  sensitive for comments that would put a bad name for Shinhwa. Yeah: Sorry. Once again, let’s continue the review.

The song is catchy. But it is not appealing. To me, this is quite a bad song to be a song for comeback. I actually liked one of the other songs on the album, after this song. However, I disliked this song. Many aspects in this song, video and dance give off that Madonna feel, which sadly, to me is not a great as topic to sing about. More on the other part later in the review. The song was too slow at the start and the verse, however I kind of liked that transition between verse to chorus. But then my feels plummeted down after hearing the chorus. It was just too cheesy. The rap was okay, not great. It did not really fit within the song at all, but did stand out for some areas, but that second rap part. Yeah, did not feel like the song. Basically you just took the first half of a ballad and jammed it with not transition effects to a dubstep track. Not cool. As for the ending. Not that impressed at all. It ended the song well, but not as well as I thought it would be.

As for the music video, it was empty. I can’t really review a bunch of guys just standing around and dancing. I don’t understand the lighting in this video. Especially at the start where the guys in the front row were all in the dark, but the lonely guy at the back had all lights on him and he was not even singing. With that stage feel set, that is seriously not original anymore. The camera shots were pretty cool. I liked that. But as for the set, not really.

The dance on the other hand, was a tragic feel. Props for them trying what is known as the “Vogue” dance which may make them look homosexual, but seriously, they seemed awkward dancing around there and stuff like that. I guess KPOP does not have that kind of openness for “gay” concepts. The poses were not great, and technically, I have not seen a girl pull off a pose like these guys yet at all. I would also like to say: I support homosexuality. However, this dance seems to give the whole issue and idea a horrible image.

3/10? Sorry. Guys. I am really sorry. Don’t kill me. Shinhwa has had better concepts than this. Also, I would like to mention: the jackets and all that in the music video, don’t really help at all. Actually, they contributed to my dislike of the song.


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