Want You Back – 100%


100% haa finally made their comeback, on the 23rd of May, with a brand new song which updates them to the current century. Seriously, these guys were not the greatest rookies to me, last year, but these guys have improved a lot. I mean, one hell of an improvement. I also was reading an article of their abs (Don’t judge me) and I saw a comment saying “gay”. Well, so apparently if a guy showed abs to the public, it is now considered as a homosexual act. Great, just tell that to all the hetreosexual male models in the world. This is going to go down real well.

The song to me, was really addictive, but not appealing. At first I was yeah, this is a cool song, but after a few listens to the song, I went “meh”. It could’ve been better. There was a lot of autotune in the song, which really does not showcase the vocals that would make these guys more popular. I liked the chorus, which is basically the only thing that I thought was well done. Everything else is quite different and weird. The song itself has that dance club beat to it, which does make the people feel the passion in the song. I liked the instrumental. However, the vocals seemed to be too powerful for the song itself and was kind of a mish mash of the whole song. The rap fitted the song really well. But overall, the song was okay. Nothing fancy.

The music video was quite something though. I can’t seem to piece the story together. So at the start the couple is getting ready to go out, and they seemed to have had a bitter fight. The guy gets out and leave, while the girl finishes putting makeup on. Then, when she is ready, she comes out and stalks another guy. After it seems like they fall in love and she decides to kill her current boyfriend for her new boyfriend. So she collects a lighter, which does not appear anywhere else in the story. Nice thinking. So then we the girl meets with her boyfriend, who she was going to kill, she points the gun at his head and then make love with him. That makes sense. What about the new guy she met stalking? To me, it sounds like a daily life of a fangirl. Also, the flowers in this music video seem quite inappropriate. Not the burning flower, nor the one where the guy is holding it randomly. The whole scene where the guy and girl are holding hands and and laying down in a fake field of flowers. Oh and those floral suits for the dance part. Yay.

The dance fitted the whole song quite well. It had that heavy club, dance feel to it and also it actually matched the tone of the powerful voices, which I have disliked. All the moves were sharp and damn right powerful (the kicks in the air, the stomping, the “urgh, I hate suits” dance and of course, the typical, “It’s getting hot in here, I need to rip my jacket open. Oh, I also have abs” dance.

6.5/10. It was okay, but it soon became overshadowed by other songs that came out.

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