The Baddest Female – CL (2NE1)


CL, the known leader of the very popular band, 2NE1, recently made her solo debut, releasing her mini album on the 28th of May 2013. Though there have been positive feedback, there is always negative feedback. People blamed her for copying Lee Hyori title track, as both songs were titled as “Bad Girls”. CL then was forced to change her title to “The Baddest Female”. Also, not many Blackjacks like the song as I have thought. I too, don’t really like this song. Before this review, I have only listened to it once and I have not touched the link on YouTube for it ever again. Now, that I have to force myself here to listen to it once again just for a review. Hahahaha. Only joking.

The song is awful. To me, that is. There is really no bit in this song that I like. It is the hip hop genre, but how she sang the song, how rapped here, was not the best. Hell, it was not good at all. I don’t like the beat, I don’t like her raps. I don’t like her vocals. I don’t like anything in this song. This si basically a mashed up version of GD’s songs and transformed the mashed up version for a female to sing. The lyrics itself is quite annoying. The “Eonniya~ (woh!) eonni eonni eonni hey~” was the part where I cringed the most in the whole song. The dubstep addition did not make the song nay better. The ending did not fit the start of the song, where it seems the producer got real lazy and made CL record two different versions of the song. Then he (or she) just copied the start of one song and copied the second half of the other and add some horrible effects to make the song sound “good”. To make sure you guys know how bad this song is (to me), I feel quite uncomfortable typing this out here right now, with the song itself. I like YG Entertainment, but this is by far the worst YG song I have ever heard.

The music video looks a lot like GD’s music video. It weird and quirky. Mostly, it is different. But don’t they get a bit tired of making the same thing over and over again. I am quite tired of this randomness that YG enjoy getting into. It is a thing that YG has built and created for someone like G Dragon. CL’s take on this is uncomfortable and weird. It not normal. YG just has to find his singer’s thing when it comes to style. He did it well with Big Bang, Psy, Gummy, 2NE1 even solo artists a part of the bands: G Dragon, Taeyang, Park Bom etc. But beside that I am disappointed with the music video. The amount of gangsters in this video is astounding. I last time I saw this many gangsters is …. actually … never. Awkward. But beside that, more disappointment.

The dance is not good either. Sorry, CL, you flopped in my point of view. Congrats on your award though?

0/10. Did not like anything associated with this solo debut. Hopefully, 2NE1’s comeback right after will be better.


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