Sunshine – Rainbow


Rainbow has finally made their comeback, with the second part of their newest album. Tell Me Tell Me (Review Here) was released in March earlier this year, while the latest single from the girls were released on the June 4th. Sunshine is like a direct copy of Tell Me Tell Me, continuing the cute style which the girls have adopted for their first half of the album. Wow, the song is really great. It did lack in some aspects (the song itself, the music video and the dance/performance) however was equally quite pleasant to hear and quite nice to relax to. The girls, truly, did put a lot of effort into this album, which is quite successful as well. Why they have not won any awards yet, likewise to many bands, is still a question everyone asks themselves!

The song itself is much similar to their March counterpart. The instrumental has that violin to it, like what I pointed out in my previous review of the girls. I love the violin in the start. That beat may seem a little lacking, however to me was beautiful. The part before the chorus was amazing as well, giving that song a little punch leading up to the chorus. The chorus itself is pretty cool as well. It has that popish feel to it, which Rainbow has brought in from the To Me and A days. The “Go Jerry Go” part was really cute and nice to listen to. I have to say, if you are into the popish classical mashup of songs, this is a song that you must check out. It has both elements. However, the rap seemed too much for the song to handle. It really does not complete the puzzle as well as I thought it did. Tell Me Tell me had a really good rap sequence, however the rap really was not it for the song. The ending too was okay. Different and unique. However, if I was to sum up the song, I would say this: I like it, but the cute feeling which the song carries is not great. There are other songs on the album which are worthy as a title song that this song.

The music video carries that cute feeling along with it really well. They display the girls as the stereotypical girl: taking selfies of themselves, acting overly cute etc. It is revealed that the girls are some kind of spy agency cracking down on unworthy guys or in the current world, players. They get their weapons are very serious about their job. I absolutely love the scene where the third girl in line is asking for a huge as weapon, but insteads gets a small water gun. Does she cry over her weapon though? No she does not, instead, she makes the best of the weapon. And it was so cute!!!! I also love the last girl, who gets her face as a weapon. Well, obviously the group needs a visual to get the guys. (Why am I defaming guys? I am a guy myself!!!!). Next they discover the poor fellow at a deserted and unrealistic cafe, where one of the girls start to fall for the guy, and despite the other girls pleas, she follows the guy. Talk about being the weakest link. And then, nothing else happened. Wow, that escalated quickly.

As for the dance, it was pretty catchy, particularly the chorus bit. I guess the cute style does fit these girls. I was not much of a fan of their diva moments anyway.

8/10. I think I am quite satisfied with this song. It is catchy, cute and damn right fun to listen to. Here is my question for you guys to answer in the comments: Which Rainbow comeback did you occur? Tell Me Tell Me or Sunshine? I have linked the actual music video, the dance version video, a live performance from Music Core and the Tell Me Tell Me music video. Have fun watching!!!!


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