Smoky Girl – MBLAQ


MBLAQ has finally made their first comeback since the start of last year, with Smoky Girl, released on June 4. This Is War was their previous title song, promoted in January 2012, which seems to be a very long time ago. That is quite a long time. I know this is not as bad as 2PM, but hell, MBLAQ is one of the top boy bands at the moment. I know they have been busy with a concert tour and  their Japanese debut,but their comeback is long overdue. Completely different to their previous comebacks and songs, Smoky Girl is an updated version of the band. Yes, it is a great song that will definitely ( and hopefully) will win many awards.

The song has that really cool club beat to it, that you want to dance to with. Though the chorus is quite repetitive and I quote “Girl Sexy Girl Sexy Girl. Girl Sexy Girl Sexy Girl Sexy Girl…”, I absolutely the love the chorus. This song is one hell of an addictive song that I urge everyone to try to listen to. It must also be noticed that the song is rather soft, compared to most club beats that we all tend to hear everywhere. The rap fits the song quite well, in my opinion. There is no awkward levels from one to another. The only thing I have to complain with this song is the very start. It was too immediate for me. I guess I am more use to the instrumental part at the start, rather than after the chorus. But beside that, great song!!!!

The music video is quite lacking. The song is quite complex, but the video itself is quite simple, with the black and white feel to it, which is a good thing. But also, the music video was far too dark for me. The colours kind of weirded me out. It was black and white, than just white, than colours spraying everywhere. Imagine the clean up bill with this music video with all that paint! The ending was just too (a) predictable or (b) random. It made really no sense, as the music video did not have much of a plot line. But really, there is nothing much else to say about that music video. I cannot really pick anything out of the music video to talk about that is an extreme or a complaint. But overall, disappointed with the music video.

The dance is not the ideal dance. It carried that “simpleness” with it as well. After typing this review, I am wondering to myself: has enough been put into the comeback? The song is amazing but the music video and dance is not really. I don’t like the suits at all. The cuts out of the back just seem to out there for me at the moment. However, I do think Mir’s haircut has helped him mature quite a bit. The dance itself is not memorable like Fiction by Beast or Gee by SNSD. It just does not carry that greatness, to me.

7/10. Okay. Song was great. Music video and dance itself is quite disappointing. But regardless, congratulations on the comeback and hope you guys win!!!! Now, I will get back to book shopping.


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