Hyde – VIXX

Source: http://img.ohkpop.com/2013/05/21/ui13yp46.jpg

VIXX recently made their comeback with Hyde, launching them into a much bigger fanbase and huge popularity. Hyde was released on the May the 20th (making this the long awaited review that has been forever to be typed up). Adding more to their gloomy, dark image which they had created for themselves with On and On, released back in March (Review Here). I thought they could not get any scarier, but they did. I remember, in the last review, I wrote that I was scared of them because of their contact lenses, now I am scared of their lips. Their black and bold. Hyde, is not one of your ordinary words that you would find in the 100 most common words list. So here is a quick and easy definition of Hyde. Hyde is a widely known fictional character which basically has the full name of Dr. Henry Jekyll or Edward Hyde. Why? Because of the split personality of the character, which we can see in both the lyrics and music video of the song.

Hyde is an amazing song. I love the creepy instrumental. It’s electrobeat makes the song a whole heap better but at the same time a whole heap creepier. The vocals are quite powerful in this song and the rap was very strong. The love the chorus. It was catchy, addictive and easy to follow. Love the bit after the chorus where they are all like “Can’t Control, Can’t Control”. It has reference to the fictional character that we mention above, (ie. they cannot control when they have their split personality appear). I really like how the song has that split personality feel to it as well. For example, when the singer sings “I love you”, the backing vocal replies with “No I hate you”, giving that even deeper meaning to the song. The lyrics are really something you guys should search for. So overall, love the song.

The music video is quite dark. Not as dark to complain about (cough-MBLAQ-cough). We can see that the guys at the start are all normal and stuff, loving their girlfriends as they should be. But as we approach the end of the video, the guys all turn into “Hyde” and became brutal to their female companion. To the extent, where the evil has gotten to their mind and decide, why not kill her? The video, itself also correspond, with the theme of the comeback, where the guy is struggling to either kill her or stop himself from killing her, by pulling their hand back when they start to turn on her (which can also be seen in the dance). I also like the addition of those scenes on nothing basically, like the snake and the skull. Adds that extra punch to the feel of the video. Just to pull your attention to the end of the video. The scenes where the wings pop out of nowhere on the back of the member’s back seem oddly familiar. I don’t know what video it looks like it is from. Hmmm…. (SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong)

The dance is okay. Not the best and not the most memorable. I like the idea of them struggling against their own body, in the chorus. I guess my most favourite part of the dance is the “Can’t Control. Can’t Control”.

7.5/10. Great song, dance and music video. I think the guys have settled for something very dominate and dark for future releases. Will always be anticipating which fictional being they will become next!

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