Give It To Me – SISTAR


Sistar has finally made their comeback with on of a hell of a new song. Give it To Me was released on the 11th of June, 2013, being one of the biggest comeback this month by far. I, personally, am quite in love with this comeback and its style. The Moulin Rouge theme which they have been going for is amazing. The whole thing, from top to bottom has perfection written over it. So of those “Sistar are cheaters” rumours can go rest their head. Give It To Me and Alone are amazing songs that really fit the girls style. No, they did not cheat unlike some other infamous entertainment companies that we think are “goody-too-shoes”. Let’s just say, the world may not be what it seems.

Give It To me has this really addictive instrumental. Though it seems to be too “feminine” for me, the instrumental is quite good. In the whole song, Soyou’s parts were totally amazing and I love the subtle vocals at the bridge of the song, and that epic “bring-me-up”. By usual, Hyorin dominates the song with most of the vocals. Dasom also has a much longer part that really fits the song really well. However, Bora’s rap seemed limited to only a few lines that really does not give her any spotlight during the song, which is totally not great. The lyrics talk about the girls willingness to love again, after a relationship breakdown. The lyrics “Cry, cry all day until morning comes”  is quite concerning. (Imagine I am saying this in the bitchy girl voice) Gurl, if you are cryin’ all day and night, you need help. Phone a friend, go on a shopping spree, have some fun! Don’t knowing if it is sun or moon or day and light is also quite concerning. There are always other guys out there!

The music video is quite epic. Though, the teaser did make the whole thing much bigger,, it exaggerated and the video was quite boring. It is just shots of them posing or dancing. There is nothing much to it. Oh and the “ring dance” which Bora was meant to be having in the music video. Where is it? Cause I don’t specify spinning around on a ring as a dance. I can do that on my chair. OMG guess what, I just got my first certificate in dancing. Oh wait, sorry, that was just a certificate of participation. :(. The lighting, particularly at the parts of the diamond backing or whatever you call it, is quite distracting. I am Asian, and seriously, small eyed people won’t benefit much from watching this video. The only part that I liked from this music video was Hyorin’s high note part. That was pretty cool and amazing.

As for the dance, I will be sitting here, waiting for the day where Dasom has a scandal where when she through the hat, it hits one of the back up dancers who would sue her for damages. Too much? Too far? Sorry, Dasom. But I love the dance. The clicking, Bora’s glitter throw. I love the fact that they all move to one side of the stage while one member is singing on other side, giving the spotlight away. However, Dasom’s pole dancing is rather weak in regards to the rest of the song. But loving the dance.

7.5/10. Great song and dance. Not so much on the music video. A great comeback, and congratulations on the awards you have all received.

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