Ocean of Light – Nell

Source: http://www.mtvk.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/nell-ocean-of-light1.png

Nell recently made their comeback earlier this month with Ocean Of Light. Despite the band being renowned for being a Korean Indie group that I think would have to be the most famous of the genre ever, this group really has what it takes to be a KPOP band. Nell has many previous hits before including: White Night, The Day Before and by far my most favourite song by the band, Ocean of Light. Overall, the whole album was quite amazing. Never have heard a better album that any before, which technically these guys are really talented, because I don’t tend to listen to the whole album of any artist, unless they are really good. Anyway, lets go on.

The song is really amazing. I am just going to start of with this and say: listen to the song, regardless of the what you are doing. The group itself specialise a lot in rock, rather than pop, but seriously I think this song is actually more of a pop song rather than a rock song. I really like the start of the song, with the electro shuffle-like beat and the piano. I really like the gradual addition of the drums and the build up it has to the chorus. The chorus itself has the huge impact that I look for within a song. I also quite enjoy how the song from the chorus returns to it slow start and than slowly rebuild itself. The ending itself is quite amazing. I guess this song is more of a “marching band” type of song which I like.

The music video is pretty cool. The small rooms which we find them are pretty cool and awesome. The bedroom, dining room and the bathroom. Also that room with many doors. Yeah, I don’t understand that room. Weird. When the walls open up to allow the light in, the whole scene of the guy hiding from the light was pretty funny. Also the dark scenes, where they play their respective instruments on the platform over a pool or something is pretty cool as well.

There is no dance to this comeback. The guys are a band for obvious sake.

9.5/10. Great song, music video. No dance so really can’t say much there. Hahahahaha.

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