Darling Of All Hearts – Sunny Hill

Source: http://www.mtvk.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/sunny-hill-darling-of-all-hearts.png

Sunny Hill has recently made their comeback with a new, equally as awesome and powerful song. This time, it plays on the the theme “aegyo”, which can be seen throughout the whole comeback. Released on June 20, and since has been ranking very high on the charts, the song does what the band always does. They always find a way to portray and “make fun” in a serious way of a very sensitive topic, which can be seen in Midnight Circus, Pray, The Grasshopper Song and Is The White Horse Coming?. This time, they incorporated their style with folk music, a genre that is hardly done in the KPOP. It had fans uneasy at first, but they in turn found it quite enjoyable.

To me, the song is not the best. It lacked power, which I adore of these girls. All their past hits had a level of seriousness to it and a lot of power which most girl groups don’t actually have in the industry. This song, when I first heard, was a bit kind of, weird sounding. It was too cutesy to my liking, until I realized that it was meant to be that way. It took me a few rounds to get use to their new style which now I honestly like. The vocals were quite great. Seungah, has improved the most. For Misung, the rap was a let down of the song. It sounded odd and “not-quite-there” for the song. I guess I can say, and many others, that the rap was not needed. I love the lyrics for this song. They do have their “special hidden message” in this song as well. This time around, they are talking about how all women need love. Women in love stories, successful business women, lonely women, friendly women. The whole lot. The chorus is surprising catchy. Not the best song of the band, but neverless a great song.

The music video was okay. Not as memorable as their previous comebacks in the past. To me, there is not as much symbolism in this video compared to their past videos. However, on that note, I love the simplicity of this video. It gives us a change of image for the band and their style which is great, especially if you are bored of seeing and watching the same thing over and over again. The lyrics blended well into the music video. As for Jubi’s part in the video, all I caught from there was Uncle Sam and the American Flag, which I found did not really match the lyrics. Maybe I am just overcomplicating the whole scene. I do that a lot, thank you teachers. The dance scenes were very cute and I loved how simple the set was for this.

The dance is not as memorable. It does not shout out “Sunny Hill” to me, however it still fits within the range of their style. That instrumental part of their dance was amazing and they seemed to be quite in sync. The ending was pretty cool. The dance has that feminine side to it along with the cuteness style they have gone for. It is not as powerful when you look at it, but it is still powerful in terms of the message which they are trying to get across.

8/10. This comeback did indeed show a side of the girls which we never knew existed. I know I did not right about the featuring artist, Hareem. I am kind of creeped out, particularly when she smiled half way through the video with the girls spinning around on his glasses.



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