Female President – Girl’s Day

Girl’s Day recently made their comeback with the repackaged version of their first album, Expectation, on June the 24th. This song and their previous hit song Expectation, which transformed the girls from cutey girls to empowering women and launch the band into further fame, ranking very high on the charts. Though many are quite disappointed with the new look of the band, I would like to disagree. I love both the old and the new look. It will only become troublesome if they discontinued singing and performing their previous hits like Twinkle Twinkle, Oh My God, Hug Me Once etc. But beside that, I see this image fitting the girls. Anyway, the song also relates to the current times, as discussed below.

I love this song. I have been listening to it non stop as it came out, because I guess I have to say is that I am now a fan of the band. The song has caused a lot of problems. They have this image in their minds of girls being the first and powerful one in the relationship. Why do men always make the first move and females don’t? This song raises this point very well and does a great job at portraying the “problem”. Also, for those who did not know, South Korea, recently elected their first female president. (As for Australia, we just kicked out our first female prime minister). So this song does really well with relating to modern day society as well see women starting to become a bigger figure in jobs in which men always had. The vocals for this song is very powerful. I love how the rap for this is incorporated into the chorus. I love the high and low parts of the song and the fast and slow. The only complaint was that I was confused about which was the second verse and which was the bridge, as it seemed mashed up with each other. But beside that, I thought the song was great.

As for the music video. Wow, pink. I like the idea of the kiss scene. It shows a girl, dressed up as a girl making her move on a girl dressed up as a guy. There is nothing wrong with this. Only, the music video is trying to portray a positive image for the girls. A guy in the video would be very inappropriate. The only thing I don’t get is the table. Why are they standing on top of tables and singing? I don’t really see the connection between standing on tables and being empowering. That or I am just not watching the right stuff. And that undressing scene at the start. Not loving it, unfortunately. Really gives off that wrong idea of the girls. And beside that, I don’t have much to say. This music video quite good, so no complaints whatsoever.

The dance is amazing awesome, however when they clap, it interferes with my hearing and their live. But I love how they would be all sexy and empowering. No complaints here. However, I do think it seems to be more appropriate to use guys to lean on rather than girls. It might just contradict the whole idea. But loving the dance. I also love the costumes they are wearing. Fits the whole comebacks, cause they look like they just came from the army.

9/10. Loving the song, music video and performance. Loving everything. But here is my question: Which song do you like? Expectation or Female President? Leave you answers in the comment. I want to know. If I was to choose, I wouldn’t. Both songs are equally great and amazing. Both videos are linked below in the playlist.

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