I’ll Get Lost, You Go Your Way – G.Na ft. Junhyung (Beast)

G.Na made her debut at the end of 2010. “I’ll Get Lost, You Go Your Way” is a ballad that is very powerful, winning a reward on one of the weekly music shows while promoting the song. The song features labelmate JunHyung from Beast, while the music video also features labelmate DooJoon from Beast as well. She also released two English versions: one, on her 3rd Mini album, Bloom, featuring hit 2Hot, where Junhyung still featured with the rap squence, which was still Korean. She then released the second version on her International album, which contained all of her previous hits in English. For this review, I will be reviewing the first version. The original version. On with the review, and stuff the history class.

This song is a very decent song which we cannot find that much nowadays. Back in the day, when KPOP was at its prime. Anyway, her voice in this song is very even and I totally love this song. It has that RnB type of feel to it and still contains the ballad feel to it, despite it still being an upbeat song. Junhyung’s rap is very powerful and it is modify to fit into the song, which is very smart. From what I know, this song talks about how a girl is willing to let go of her feelings because the guy does not want to continue their relationship. However at the end of the song, the girl changes her response, and says that without him, she will not be able to live. I particularly love the last chorus as there seems to be a ring within it, which makes it stuck in my memory. I do find this song well polished and a huge success.

The music video is quite plain. It does fit the feel of the song, but not as well as I thought it would. We see a guy reflect upon his relationship with the girl and that is about it. We don’t see much else in the music video beside sad guy and happy guy. To me, it seems like they used the same set from SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong. Junhyung’s part seems to be very dark as well. Or is that just his skin? Thats scene where she is singing to the camera and sitting down. What is with that shirt? It is nude tone and also does not cover the back. Bit revealing right? Oh, and thank you to you YouTube commenters. I now cannot watch the music video without noticing sweat patches of the guy’s under arm pits.  Great work. I think she does look pretty with her blonde hair and hat. Good looking girl.

Her stage presence is very strong. Yes she may have been shaken on her first stage, because it is her first stage, but now look at her. The dance is not that great, but does fit the beat of the song really well.

9/10. G.Na’s success has been through the roof since then. Amazing song, music video and performance.

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