Shock – Beast


This is the 2nd review of past songs (G.Na’s debut single being the first review). A review that I was meant to do since the very day I started this website. It only took me 2 years. So what. Released back in 2010 and being the very first song that brought the boys to fandom, the group has since released powerful tracks, which they are known for. Winning their first award on M Countdown, the group won awards for many other songs, making them one of the biggest groups KPOP has to offer. Also, it must be noted that this was only their second single and was reconsigned for their powerful vocals and amazing talent.

Shock, by far, is one of my most favourite songs by any KPOP artists by far. The start of the song, I agree is not the best, but what made me repeat this song is the chorus. “Everyday, I shock. Every night, I shock.”. Whoever likes KPOP and don’t knows these distinctive lyrics, have to be kidding themselves. Again, released in the prime of KPOP, making this song quite popular. The song talks about the feeling a guy has towards a girl when she leaves him. Honestly, we don’t see much songs like that. I do agree with many reviews about the powerful vocals from the members and the raps. I just don’t really see that “rock” sound within the song. I find the song has that popish feel to it, rather than rock. But beside that, I really do recommend this song to every person out there. It is an amazing song. But here is where the review goes a little down hill.

The music video I found really weird. It just does not do it for me. I don’t like it, but I don’t hate the music video either. It is one of those things that I am neutral about. From what I see, and still see today, the music video makes no sense. Especially Yoseob. Girls, I know you want to be the wires that “plug into him”, but I found no reason for that scene to be in the music video. I am not big on the whole transition of the music video. It feels weird. It is like those 360 degree cameras that SM always uses. Yeah, I am badass. Comparing Cube with SM. Wait for the next review, where I compare SM with YG. Boy, that will go down well. However, I do love the fire in this video. It gives that impact upon the video and shares the same feelings with the song. Large scale music video, check. Awesome effects, check. Awesome song, check.

The dance here is pretty simple. You just need the right timing. Like literally. If you did not go at the right timing, wow. That would look awkward. But the solo parts of the dance are a bit harder to deal with. Yeah, but ti all looked awesome. I guess looking awesome is what the group does best. Something that I clearly lack in. Hahahaha.

7.5/10. Awesome song and dance. Okay music video. Oh, reviewing this music video brings out so much memories of how my computer used to be in my bedroom and that I used to sing along to the song when I never understood everything. I do pick up on some things though. Hahaha.

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