Heart To Heart – 4Minute

Source: http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/25800000/Heart-to-heart-JV-Screecaps-4minute-25849138-1920-1080.jpg

The third review of past hit songs by big name groups, and the first of three consecutive reviews of the same topic. Heads up, 4Minute’s Mirror Mirror and G.Na’s Top Girl will be reviewed next. May decide which “past” song I will review next by the end of G.Na’s review. Anyway, off topic. But on topic. Heart To Heart was chosen as the second promotional song for the groups back in 2011, when they released their first studio album. It must be noticed that the song itself was released in March, and was deemed as a digital single in March 2011. The songs were then re-released on the first album of the band. It was also used as the follow-up song for the band’s promotion.

This song is really addictive. It was a change for the girls to be seen in this way, particularly their last releases and the level of seriousness of Hyuna when she makes her “comebacks”. Hyuna, JiYoon & Gayoon have been dominate a lot of the songs that the band has released. This, however, gives the last two members Jihyun and Sohyun more lines in which they usually have. This song has that extra sweet sound to it, which makes the song much different. Many were not happy with this particular song as it did not fit the girls image. This song is more of the aegyo type, which I agree, does fit the band. However, the song is really catchy and has that addictiveness that many KPOP songs have that I enjoy. The song talks about how a weak some men are when fessing up to cheating to their girlfriends. Interesting and different.

The music video, yeah, it is a bit extreme. I guess they are either pro prankers or really really stupid amateurs. It starts off with a couple, who are perfectly in sync with each other. But as time passes, they grow apart. Or just the guy. She is suspicious that something is up, so she investigates and that proves her idea of a cheating boyfriend. Or really she just happened to stumble upon the cheating boyfriend when she is partying with friends at a club. She confronts him at the club, but he plays it cool and does not know her. He however, it quite suprised. Then, they do a lot of pranks on the boyfriend. Spraying food to make it hard,  substituting whipping cream for shaving cream (which he really does not need, as he does not need to shave at all), putting glue into his toothpaste (the scene where they are laughing is hilarious). Then they decide to manipulate his car. Hey loser. How on earth do you not notice a group of girls laughing in the background? It is not like they are laughing silently or anything. They also go to lengths of making him sit on a cardboard box and giving him lingerie at a workplace. Original. However, the last prank kind of ruined the long run of perfect pranks. He make him faint so laming-ly, so they can take a picture of him and photoshop him, making him a criminal.  What a really bad piece of art they made there. That was badly photoshop.

The dance is quite okay. It bounces to the music and the girl’s intention behind the song fit the softness of the dance.

7/10. Pretty cool. Seems pretty good overall. Would definitely recommend the music video, just for laughs (or threatening your boyfriend for whatever action they may have committed). Hey not giving any ideas here. Linked in the playlist below, is the Korean version and the Japanese version of the song. Enjoy~

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