Mirror Mirror – 4Minute

Source: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-1pYGnF84iT4/Twq1tAxIvRI/AAAAAAAAIsU/meejAjhrP3c/s1600/4minute-mirror-mirror.jpg

This is like the fourth review of the past hit songs, 2nd review of the consecutive three, G.Na’s Top Girl being the next song to be reviewed. Mirror Mirror was released as the title track for the band’s first album in April 2011. Earning them only one award, this song still managed to top charts and given skyrocket the girl’s fame even further. Okay, let’s get this straight. I absolutely disliked this song when it first came out. I felt it was not their mojo to come out with a song like this. However, 2 years on, I have finally lived to the point where the song has warmed upon. I really do like it and think it is an awesome song now, rather than when it first came out. That is just a bit of a heads up for this review.

The song has its good and bad points. The high notes were amazing, JiYoon’s parts before the chorus were superb etc. However, it seems like the bad points kind of weigh the song down. At the very start, I keep on hearing “4Minute Sluts” beside “4Minutes Left”. Seems like Hyuna agree with the slutty rumours then? The most annoying part would have to be the chorus. I do enjoy it now, but a part of me still does feel that the chorus is lacking something. It really does not get my mind in the right mood to hear the song. Also, the giggles has to go. They are useless and a total distraction to the song. Also JiYoon’s rap was too kind of useless. There was no feeling in the song and I found it really boring. It changed up the beat of the song so much, I just thought, why the last minute addition to the song? So as you can see, the song was overall okay. Not the best song, but not that bad to give it a really bad score.

As for the music video, a lot of mirrors were used in the making of the video. Like a lot. If mirrors were worth 100 dollars each, the whole set was really expensive. Okay, sarcasm over, this is the most boring video I have seen in KPOP. There is not one piece of fun or seriousness in this video. Some of the sets got me kind of, WTF?, like the road scene. What was that meant to mean anyway? Also, frizzled hair, out. I hate frizzled hair and it really does not suit JiHyun. Sorry guys. They also used a lot of reflective stuff. Even though the song is called Mirror Mirror, it seemed over the top to literally combine all the mirror that come from all over the world and make a 3 minute video about it. Also, I am not sure of the very last scene where the 4Minute emblem drops down and digs itself into the concrete. Kind of weird? It made no sense. So yeah, not that happy with the video.

As for the dance, wow. It can be sure deemed sluttly, particularly the one in the music video. It seems that the band toned it down for the stage, but it really was not good at all. JiYoon’s rap part, no. I do like the idea of the hands acting like mirrors. And those purple circle, what purpose do they have? What on earth are they on about? Cause, Mirror Mirror on the wall does not have purple lines go through it.

3.5/10. That is only the song though. The rest seemed crap. Not the standard that I personally would go for, for a great song.

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