Baby I’m Sorry – MYNAME



MYNAME recently made their comeback with their latest song, Baby I’m Sorry. The song was released on July 4th and their music video has since been an instant hit. Because of the that, the music video section of this review is larger than ever, and the intro, song part and dance will be shortened.

The piano instrumental at the start is very soothing. As the song progresses we hear the song build up in power, and is released at the end really well. The raps and vocals are very powerful. My most favourite parts the vocal parts just before the chorus, by Insoo. Also, Insoo seems to dominate most of the song, which is a change considering that Seyong and Gunwoo had dominated most of the others songs they released in the past. The song itself is about how willing a guy is able to let go of a girl because of the things he has done. However if you pair it up  the video, the song can be seen as something else.

In the music video we can see: a group of friends are having fun on the beach, when the fifth friend comes back without beer (underage drinking, much?) with a bloodied face. The other friends go back and attack the gang who attacked their friend. In the present day, we see the group still best of buddies, however, their leader (Gunwoo)went into the gang business, much to his friends’ disapproval, while the others too are living their normal lives. The leader is recruited into one of the biggest gang in the area. The rivalry between the gangs are so large, that the boss guy orders Gunwoo to attack, but not kill the other gang leader. Insoo, one of the friends, sees and tells the others.  The “attacked” leader hires one of the other friends, Seyong to protect him and fight back.  Both cross paths, and obviously Seyong is angry at Gunwoo for going down that specific path. Seyong is bribed into killing Gunwoo’s gang leader, but does not successfully completes the mission and is killed in the act. Gunwoo comes back to see a body being dragged out. He also texted his dead friend about the past and how he misses it but is told by one of his friends that his boss killed Seyong. Gunwoo goes back for revenge with the other members as well, but all died in the end. Gunwoo is bashed, but shot to death by the gang leader. One guy ends up saving his friend, but dies in the process, while the other is also killed. The weakest person tries his best to defend himself but his fear takes over him, killing him as well. We then realize that the leaders collaborated with each other to kill all the friends.

I may be bias when I say this, but there seems to be more to meets the eye. We can see throughout the whole video that the last member to die was pretty useless right? Well, no. It is definitely worth something when he is the last of the five to survive the whole ordeal. I am the weakest person of my friend/group, in terms of physical abilities and I can relate to this video. We see him struggling in his last final moments to get help, but indeeds fail. I see this as all the members can be depended on. The stupid one, the smart one, the strong one or the weak one, all have their place in the group. I think the music video focuses on the friendship aspect of the group rather than the gang life or the actual violence in the video. It is a really well done video and seriously, a movie must be made of this.

The dance is pretty intense and hard to follow. However it still looks pretty cool and really “up there” in terms of standard. The dance seems to fit the power of the song and its seriousness.

10/10. Really, best song, video and dance by the group to date. AMAZING.

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