Top Girl – G.Na


The last of the three consecutive reviews of past hit songs and the sixth review over all. Top Girl by G.Na was released on the 23rd of August 2011, as a part of an mini album by the artist herself. Interesting fact here: Banana’s was a song that G.Na and her company expected that she was going to promote, however it was deemed as inappropriate. It was meant to be the second song on the single. A short version of the music video for Banana was released, but never was the full version. Top Girl earned G.Na an award, making her one of the hottest KPOP female soloist, alongside Lee Hyori and BoA. Let’s continue about the review.

The song talks about how a guy can “Be On Top” if they went out with G.Na. And boy, will they “Be On Top” when they go out with her. As you can see from my awful english so far, the very start of the song was what I really liked about the whole song. “Don’t you want to be on top, Can’t you see that I can’t stop” was amazing and definitely a great opener to the song in my books. However, the song has that feminine feel to it, which makes it kind weird for me. It is really catchy, but not really THE song for me. The chorus is not overly great as I would have expected, but the bridge of the song makes up for lost ground. Vocals were really good for me and her English blended in with the song really well. But again, as I said, the song is not for me. I like it, but not for me.

The music video was pretty interesting. Not sure if that is meant to be a good thing or a bad thing. G.Na is really pretty in this video, however some of the close ups kind of make her look old. Is it me or am I just looking into the video a little too much. Also, flying diamonds don’t exist. So why at 0:28, when the diamonds go flying in the air, they don’t drop? Why? I am also not that sure about the set for the first chorus. I can’t tell if that is meant to be an abstract thing or a ferris wheel. Another thing, according to this video, cars drive in the middle of the road. I am sure, that in every other part of the world, everyone drives to the side of the dotted roads not on them. I am, too not sure about the dance scene with all the water, though it is the best dance and performance with water I have seen ever. the fireworks at the end kind of work, but they kind of stuff up the view of the artist and make make the whole scene stuff up. Also, was I the only one creeped out with G.Na sitting there? Just think of something like The Grudge just jumping out of no where? No, not scary now? Well, you have courage my friend.

The dance itself is a little too feminine for me as well. Honestly, it is okay, but not the best dance by G.Na. I believe that Black and White or 2Hot has much better dances as well.

6.5/10. Pretty good, but the whole package is not for me. Sorry.

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