No No No – A Pink


A Pink recently made their comeback with a brand new mini album titled as Secret Garden. Their title song this time around is “No No No”. This is the first time that the band has promoted after the departure of one of their former band members, which did arise a lot of suspicion why Yookyung left. Was it forced upon her or did she leave on her accord? No one basically knows why, except for the people involved. They also promoted the song on one stage before releasing the mini album and music video a day later. Just some interesting facts to note and that I really could not think of anything to right.

Damn, this is one catchy as song. Seriously I was really satisfied with this song the first time I heard it. The chorus was the most catchiest part. The song, itself is about encouragement and many find the song really supportive. However, the song really won’t get any awards this time around. They are going ahead with artists such as 2NE1, Infinite, Ailee and other widely known artist for getting many awards. But, this song still has it points to rank high on the charts. My most favourite part would be the chorus. Also, before I forget, does anyone think of My My when they hear this song? My My was another of their songs, which won them an award in the past. This song is like the upgraded version of My My. The instrumental is really cool and catchy, as well has an electro feel to it.

The music video was really cute. There is not much to say about the video beside the girls dancing and the girls making presents to encourage someone, with cakes and decorations. This video is very pink, mind you. However, I did see this when I was watching the video. no door

Where on earth did they come from? As you can see, there is no doors, just a pink wall. A lot of pink on the walls. The love the white set, where the circles are ascending from the air. They give off a really refreshing feel to it. In addition with the girls, I think this is a music video fans and a lot of males will swoon over and love.

The dance is amazing. Really love the “jumping-shuffling-moving to the sides-hands on the hips” dance which really looks good and fits the song really well. The different formations that this dance has is really cool and amazing. It also too gives off a refreshing feel to the whole comeback.

9/10. Excellent comeback, in my point of view. Just make a little more sense in the music video another time around.


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