U & I – Ailee

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Ailee has recently made her comeback with a brand new song that has achieved all kills and what not on the music charts, with U & I. Being one of the most anticipated comebacks of the month and the year, it seems like she did her job right. She blew all her fans away with her power vocals and her new dancing diva image, which this song has created for herself. Despite this song being Ailee’s injury prone dance, it has to be one of my most favourite Ailee songs since her debut. (Heaven takes the top spot) and I hope that she gets over her injury and it heals fast. We need MORE body rolls.

The song really brings out her vocals. Okay, I am seriously feeling like I have written that in two of her past reviews already and I think that may increase. The song, has that sassy feel to it, which makes it ten times better than any other song out there at the moment. Well, at the time it was released. It has that grand Hollywood feel we would expect back in the 50’s. The song is also really catchy. The “Wait A Minute” parts and the “U & I” parts were amazing and literally had me singing the song 494 times later. The song itself talks about a couple which is now dysfunctional, so the girl decides to step up and say goodbye, instead of holding on. The only thing I feel seems awkward about the song is the bridge of the song. It kind of ruins the song. It still fits the song, but the sounding of it really does not match the quality which this song is brought up in. Her high notes at the end were superb and she deserves one of the top spots for female vocalists. Sass, Hollywood, Power all check.

Wow, the music video too does reflect the Hollywood feel of the song. I think we all may have stumbled upon Las Vegas and New York’s cousin. This is technically where light bulbs would go to die, in the plane tickets cost a little too much. It seems the like the music video is set in a casino or something, which would describe the make up rooms and the poker machines. That “diamond” telephone must cost a fortune 9or taken forever to make). I really think Ailee does rock the red hair really well, not like someone where I live. The only thing I have a problem with in this music video is the “live” band which plays the bongos. Who you tryin’ to fool? We can all tell that they cannot play and if they are, they must suck. Totally. And did they hire two people to just stand there and clap? Wow, extreme much? Overall, this music video has that “golden” feel to it. Get it? Hahahahaha…

The dance is also really catchy. It is also possible to get ankle injuries for doing body rolls. Just ask Ailee. I love the body rolls and Allie has a really cool body to do it with. I also love the “U&I” dance where she points and her heads moves from side to side. It is damn catchy and really cool looking.

8.5/10. Quite high. Not as great as her previous songs as this comeback does seem awkward in parts, but neverless, one of the biggest comebacks of the month.

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