Incredible – Xiah Junsu (JYJ)


Xiah Junsu of the band JYJ made his long awaited comeback since Tarantallegra in 2011 with one of the best summer songs of the season to date. No Summer song had been my favourites yet, but this song is definitely one of the songs that I would reccomend for a playlist. For those who don’t know, JYJ was a band formed after 3 members of the then-DBSK filed a court injunction against SMent. Since then, the whole thing got really ugly, to the extent where more court injunctions were brought between the band and their former agency. Recently, one court injunction told SMent to allow JYJ to participate on weekly music shows, which fans have been dying to see since the start of 2010. The reason why I brought this up? I want Junsu to promote this song. I want him basically “Get His Swag On“. NOTE: I don’t gangster. I just quoted his song.

Wow, I was really impressed with this song. I was not much of a fan of 11 O’Clock (despite loving ballads) and Tallentellgra. This song, however, has that summery feel that Sistar’s Loving U had last year. It is definitely a song that one would listen to to make themselves be happy and feel like they are in Summer. Now, I am in Winter and while I am freezing my buttocks off over in the Southern Hemisphere, it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere. So when I listen to this song, I feel warm and that I am in Summer. I would not be surprised if I found this song at a party of some kind. Definitely a party number. I found myself singing the chorus over and over again. “Something so Incredible. Something so magical.” The only few things I hate about the song, the start seems really unprofessional and does not sound that great for a party/summer song. And was I the only one who was taken surprised by the featuring of P Diddy’s son, Qunicy. It kind of came out of nowhere for me. His rap sounds something that was slapped into the song at the last minute. “Alpha-robotic girl. Baby, you’re futuristic. Shine in your vega world” does not sound like this girl is that Incredible, but she sounds more like a robot!

As for the music video, we need someone to voice over that start of the video. “Here we have young adult humans in their natural habitat. While old people a busy with work and bingo, this age group of the species is busy partying. Take notice of the shirtless guy with abs that girls can do washing on, he is flirting with a girl, a common thing in which young adults do at parties. Come back next week, when we view these creatures in the process of a hangover.” No, just me? The music video is okay. The dancing scenes were okay and the scene where Junsu is wearing the white shirt and sitting on the bed is okay. Not sure about the creepy girl who comes and go behind the curtain. I think security needs to check up on her. She might be a fan who is here to slap Junsu, so he can “remember” her. Get it? No? Also, the “bed scene” in the music video. What is wrong with the director of the video? Putting him in a golden suit and telling to make out with the girl, with horrible light designs. Urghh… Light designs and patterns make me cringe. Sorry.

The dance is okay. Nothing that great as well. I am technically not impressed with the tight tights and the shorts and the full colour gear which Junsu is in. I really cannot comment on the dance without a proper dance version, but from what I see, nothing that major.

8/10. Pretty good overall,  with a few tune ups, the whole thing would be much better.


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