Pit-A-Pat – BESTie

Source: http://www.soompi.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/BESTie-pitapat-mv.png

A rookie group, BESTie, recently made their debut with their first single Pit-A-Pat. The group consists of three former members of EXID (who seemed to disappear off the face of earth) and a random new female trainee. They made their debut in July 2013. Apparently not many people believe this group has potential to be a good group. Yet am I the only person who was fully satisfied with this comeback? Yeah, sure, this is not the best song that I would love to listen to over and over again, but it was a really fun song to listen to. Also, the song title is meant to be the sound of the heart, which technically means thump thump when translated out to English. Yeah, I never get this song title and Sunny Hill’s OST song of the same name. They just completely change the title. I am normal, and hence my heart goes thump thump not pit-a-pat like rain drops.

Okay, this is not the best song to make a debut with. I have to agree there, but seriously, this is really fun to listen to and I thought this song ties in with the Summer feeling quite nicely. I am absolutely loving the start of the song, with the “Daegeun Daegeun” part. I really do like the instrumental with the lyrics. I am not actually a fan of the instrumental only, but the lyrics cover the ugly bits up. The chorus is pretty good, I really find the “K.I.S.S” really catchy and this group’s rapper is a total bomb at her job. I actually find the bridge of the song, pretty okay. It sounds good and really does not conflict with the song that much. The only complaints of this song is that the song is just too lively for me. You really cannot actually make this song serious, but it is just to happy and lively for me.

How weird is this video? 4 girls trying to hit on a guy. That makes total sense. Also, that guy is one dopey guy. All I know is he is a comedian in Korea and his name just slipped my mind. Yay. But beside that, the music video is really colourful. I am not a fan of that big stopwatch set which they dance around and all of that. Not that great at all. And who on earth uses black balloons at parties? I prefer coloured balloons. Maybe because I am an Australian and black balloons were onced use to try combat emissions and pollution, but black balloons? Also, Jo Kwon’s appearance really does not do much at all. All he does is act really homosexual (Like is he attached to that pole or what?) and really act “kkap” towards the girls.

More ass in the air? I am surprised many people hate this band because of their dance. Hmmm… Is waving your ass in the air a bit too much? Kara’s Mister must be on your hate list as well? Seriously, stop being hypocritical. This dance is awesome. Yes, it does look like the girls are selling themselves, but seriously, I have not seen a dance at all that is the same as this.  It matches the song’s beat and instrumental and the lively feeling of the song.

6/10. Pretty good. Could’ve been better though, but still pretty good overall.

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