Shadow – Beast


Beast recently made one of the hottest comebacks on July 19, with their creepiest song yet: Shadow. If you think Fiction, Breathe or Shock was creepy or scary, it must be noted that is just childsplay. Shadow has proven to be a hit amongst fans earning an all kill as soon as it was release and topping all charts. However, the song seems to not be doing well on the weekly show charts. I don’t know since they have only promoted for their first week, so I am expecting a major all kill on the all 4 different charts this week. It must be noted that the companies basically threw a whole bunch of bands onto the charts (something like the Hunger Games) and the best will win. Other artists that are going head to head are Infinite, Ailee, Brown Eyed Girls, F(x), EXO and many more. But they are not as important as Beast for this review, so let’s continue.

WOW!!! I totally love this song. It is catchy, dark and really cool sounding. Something of my liking. This song is something along the lines of their Fiction days, and I hated Fiction. This however is by far their best song yet. I really like the different feel of the song. Last year, they made a comeback with a dance themed song. The year before that they made a comeback with a ballad like song. This year, creepy. I love the vocals of this song and JunHyung’s rap is totally amazing. Doojoon gets a majority of the chorus with Yoseob which is much different than usual. I also love how everyone else sings once, but suddenly starts singing to different parts of the chorus at the end. Not sure if they are putting emphasis of how much the others suck or what, but seriously this whole idea is pretty cool. Not exactly a fan of the “Shadow, Shadow” part at the start though. Sounds conflicting with the song.

As for the music video. I really hate that filter that put over the whole video to give it that olden feel to the video. I really hate static and all of that mojo, so this music video was a letdown when I first saw it. That guy with all the tattoos on his back is really scary.  I really like how this video is full of “shadows”. It really makes sense. However the close ups with the members and that glass frost wall is really too much. There was too many flashing lights in this video. From what I see from the video, this girl, which the guys love, have walked onto the “dark side” (aka. leaving the guy). Basically, it is pretty scary and lives up to the whole concept. And that set is pretty amazing. I know it is just green screen and some realy parts, but still it is pretty amazing. I also liked one part of the video which I will pose to you guys as a question: What does B.A.P’s No Mercy, VIXX’s Hyde and Beast’s Shadow all have in common?

As for the dance, it matched the speed and the instrumental really well. Splitting the bands into their solo parts at the start was pretty cool, and gave each member some time to shine. Pun intended.

8.5/10. Pretty cool. Woo! Much better than Beautiful Night from last year.

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