Insane – A Jax


A-Jax recently made their comeback with a new song after a few successful comebacks last year. This time around, they have gone for more of an “insane” look for their fans. This is probably my most favourite song of the group and I think probably one of the best songs of the year. And now I am at a lost about what to say. Writer’s block sucks. Oh they made their comeback on the 11th of July, which is half a month ago. Damn my laziness. Seriously, I am surprised why this song is not ranking as high, because this is some good stuff.

The song is really good. I just want to say I will recommend it regardless place and time. I’ve asked my friends, and many were not that pleased with the song, which is disappointing, since I really like the song.  Those breathing sounds at the start and throughout the song keeps the song in its mode. It is different and really keeps the singers on top of the song, if you know what I mean. I really find the chorus of the song really addictive and the raps are top notch. The song itself talks about how a guy is slowly going “insane” over this girl, which kind of make senses in a way. I also really like the really husky “Babe Babe” part at the end. Pretty much approve of this song. If you did not get that, well….

This video is “insane”. Like there is a plot line to the whole video, but I guess you have to rely on what you believe in and your imagination. So what my interpretation of this video is may be a little different of what what the video is actually is. So this guy is taken to some mental facility. He, however is hypnotized by the old doctor and instead believes he is being treated by two sexy, young nurses. However, his mind starts going crazy and wonky. So therefore the other guys are all in his head doing weird stuff which does occur for the “insane guy”. However even during this time, he is trying to “dream” his way out of the room. Towards the end, he dreams of the right key after many attempts to unlock the door. That is my interpretation and it seems like the video something on that is completely different to the thing that occurs later or just before the certain scene. It lives up to the song title’s name and looks pretty good.

As for the dance, wow. I like it really well. The only thing I have to say though. This song needs the special fire effect or those fireworks thingy. Without, the whole stage looks boring. However the guys themselves have amazing stage presence.

9/10. Excellent comeback overall. I am totally satisfied by everything. Are you?

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