V – Lee Jung Hyun

Source: http://www.mtvk.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/130723_leejunghyun.jpg

Lee Jung Hyun, the techno queen, of KPOP had made her first comeback in around 2-3 years. Yeah, beside that I have nothing on her. This is seriously the first song that I have ever heard of by the artist, but hell, she is a good one. All I know now is that she had been around for the very long time, maybe before most of us were born. Actually, she debuted when I was a little kid. Thanks Wikipedia. Yeah, honestly, never heard of her, but am I the only person who is really liking the song and the music video? Hahahaha…

The song really does have its techno roots, and is too, like its own music video really mysterious. Though the song is autotuned a lot, I found okay. On another note, I think we can liken her to Lady Gaga? She has that quirkiness that I find that Lady Gaga has. I find the song ridiculously catchy, especially those parts leading up to the chorus and the chorus itself. It mixes up the song up totally, and adds that extra thing to the song to make it not boring. The Ladidadida” parts are really cool. The song itself talks about whether the female counterpart should dump this guy because he is too clingy. I think, I am not entirely sure myself, but I believe so. But seriously, don’t you just want to stand up and sing along with the song.

The music video on the other hand is the complete opposite. We see a guy who car is broken down, entire a mysterious place in search for help (or a place to stay). Little did he know that he just entered a house of horrors. He soon sees that he is in a house with a ghost, who is being very clingy. He is scared out of his own skin and tries to escape, but the thing is wherever he goes, she goes with him, I don’t know, but this guy seems like he is haunted by his previous encounter with this female. I really love the video because of its dark sides but also his hilarious side. Portrayed really well. I love the horror style of the video, since I am into that kind of stuff. As for the hilarity of the video, it gives that different zest to it.

The dance is also quite addictive. I am not dancing to it, but I always want to see the dance when it is on a music show. The dance for the chorus too is quite quirky and different as well.

8/10. Just for it’s willingness to stand away from the rest of the world and say I am different. LOL and it was a good song and comeback overall.

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