G.R.8.U – VIXX

VIXX recently made their comeback with their first repackaged mini album, Jekyll. This “nice boy” image this time around that the boys have gone for continues on from their Hyde days. For those who have forgotten or don’t know, Jekyll and Hyde are an infamous person. Yes, they are both 1 person. One who has a totally evil split personality kind of story, where one is evil (Hyde) and the other is nice (Jekyll). G.R.8.U (or Your Impressive) is a song that has achieved the boys more ground, as they have been ranking higher than ever with their new and original concept.

I am totally digging this song. I know I am not into that aegyo boy stuff, but seriously, this is the Summer 2013 song that I have been waiting for for quite some time now. It has a totally rocking instrumental and the lyrics are totally amazing. Not only that, but their chorus is really catchy and everything about the song is so great. The vocals are exceptionally powerful for this song, but it matches the feel of the song as well. Leo sang his heart out in this song hitting all those high notes at the end. Ravi has a really great rap as well, which I really think is the highlight of this song. Actually, since the band had come out, I have been more interested and keen to know more about the band. Witt he release of this song, I started watching shows that they appeared on and it is really something to point out that Leo is the most quietest In interview but on stage he is the power house. Hahaha….

The music video is definitely original. The music video, when we see it, is in reverse. Which means the group had to basically lip sync their own song in reverse while filming the music video. Like seriously, that requires a lot of talent and patient. Seriously, when I saw the teaser I was like “WTF?”, but when the music video came out, I realized what was happening. Was I the only person to both have thought about of reversing the teaser to hear the song. I love the music video and this band deserves all the awards. How many bands today do you see signing their songs backwards for the sake of their music video? None. I also love the lightness of this video. Compare it to Hyde, which was dark and creepy. This music video is light and fluffy. There is also much more color it this music video, I love the newspaper scene and the big dance scenes for this music video were amazing. To sum it up, I was mind blown with this music video. Really was.

The dance, believe or not, was choreographed by their leader, N. I really like the dance overall and loved how they incorporated a bit of Hyde in it. By far one of the best dances of the year I have to say.

To sum this WHOLE review up, I was really satisfied and enjoyed everything from the song to the dance. Best comeback for 2013? We just have to wait and see. But so far, I think so. I think I need to create a new category for the Best Of The Best 2013. 10/10.

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