Hate You – Ladies Code

Source: http://i1.wp.com/24-7kpop.COM/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/LADIES-CODE-Hate-You-Teaser.png?resize=770%2C472

Ladies Code pre released their single Hate You, showing that more serious side of the band this time for their release. They are currently gearing up for a comeback next month in September, with a more fun and energetic feel. Ladies Code is a rookie group who made their debut in March with Bad Girl and this is the bands first comeback since their debut. Hopefully, I will be reviewing their comeback song, however as I may not be sure that I will be releasing a review for their comeback song, might as well get one done now for the band.

The song gives off that more serious and dark side of the band. I really do enjoy the song. It sounds like one that would come out a horror movie. I love the guitar poppish feel to the song, giving that kind of subtle feeling to the song. It is dark and mysterious and love how the song builds up to the chorus. I really do love the chorus, but those squeaky sound at the start singing “Hate You” are really annoying. I the find the vocals pretty cool. That extra electronic feeling that the song has is pretty cool as well. I enjoyed the rap, which contributed greatly to the feel of the song. Overall, a pretty cool song, especially since I never liked Bad Girls, their debut song.

The music video is really creepy. Throw girls and dolls in and pretty much got a horror movie. Especially in this video, whatever happens to the dolls happen to the girls, which I think would link back to the whole idea of karma, where you do something bad to another, something bad will happen to you. If you pull a dolls string, you will become a puppet and have your own strings pulled. they also do pretty bad things to the dolls as well. Maybe, and I am throwing out ideas, the dolls are like voodoo dolls. If you brush a doll’s hair with a fork, the other’s hair will fall out. Though it is quite confusing, it adds to the whole atmosphere the video and song, which is pretty cool.

7.5/10. Pretty okay song which is overall quite good.


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