Gotta Talk To U – Seungri (Big Bang)


Seungri has finally made his second comeback as a soloist in 2 years, with Gotta Talk To U. His previous songs What Can I Do?, VVIP and Strong Baby have all been hits that topped charts and it seems like this time around Seungri will not break that chain of events. It is refreshing to hear such a calm yet different song from all of the group songs recently. There seems to be a lack of soloist at the moment, with groups such as B.A.P, Girls Day, EXO, F(x), 2NE1, Teen Top, Beast and many other all making their comeback. It has been quite sometime since Big Bang has returned to the stage, GD has made his official comeback last year and Taeyang is due to make his comeback next month, but it seems that I and VIPS out there are all wanting comeback from the band itself.

Seungri sounds amazing in this song. Though it does seem to be those mashup kind of songs with a million genres in one, I really like the song. It has that What Can I Do? feel to the song and the Strong Baby essence as well. It sounds grand and seems like a lot of effort has been put into. I personally only do like this song off the mini album. Yes only this song. The others, Let’s Talk About Love, GG Be and others all sound different, in the sense that it does not carry that Big Bang or Seungri taste. Highlight would have to be the “Hustling” part of the song, it sounds pretty cool. Not the ideal lyrics in my point of view, but hey, they have their charm. I think if I go into any more detail, I would be overlapping with the live perfomance part of the video, but the instrument does carry that “live band” feel to it as well, making it sounding really good.

The music video… was kind of boring. It was not the ideal way I would have thought of how it should’ve gone. It is much better than the box sets from SM though, and it seems like the company knows a professional video and how to make one. However this video seems quite shakey, as in the camera works, which if you want to give your viewers a headache, sure go ahead. But as a music video and to appeal to fans, I would not consider such a thing. As for the glass between the camera and the “person of interest”, yeah, lose it. Those colour light and all of that stuff really prevented me from seeing what I was meant to see. As for the ending of the actual music video: were they like having distant sex or something? Because it seemed a lot like it. Oh and the hard remix of the song at the end video? Lose it. It sounds good, but in the same video, kind of conflicted with the whole video.

The live was pretty cool. There is not much of a dance that we can focus on here, but that band performance was pretty cool. Actually when you watch the video, it is mainly Seungri just jumping and bouncing around the stage. Not in that way, but in a way that it looks cool and “nice”. And those fanchants. Woah, so loud.

7.5/10. Mainly because of the music video, but seriously check the song out.


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