Crooked – G-Dragon (Big Bang)


G-Dragon recently returned with his latest two part album. Previously, we have already reviewed Coup D’etat which did not do well in terms in the review. However, while that was the title song on the first part of the album, the second part of the album was  much better and the song will be getting a much better review. I think he already has won 2 awards for this song, as it gets confusing because like all of his tracks are on the charts and when they say “G Dragon won this week’s award”, it is not exactly that we won that award for Coup D’etat or Crooked. I am sure Black and some other song are on the charts as well. Now many people are saying this and honestly I think too, but is it me or YG is having a lot of flops this year. It seems like Big Bang is the only thing now YG has up his sleeve to gain back the crowd. SM has taken over the scene a lot.

The song is definitely much better than Coup D’etat. Way better. I love the pop feel this song carries and also that hint of sadness that you can hear in the song. The song is very modern. As soon as I heard G-Dragon singing, it seemed pretty cool. The chorus is pretty catchy, being the highlight of the song for me. Not technically fond of the verse, but loving the moments before the chorus which G Dragon sings. Honestly, I think this song will do well as a club song. Imagine all the people jumping around to the music, not knowing what it even means. That little vocal part at the end was pretty amazing as well. Pretty good for the lead rapper of the band.

The music video is pretty cool as well. We see what seems to be a high end (or try hard or insane partygoer or persistent underage kid) person trying to make his way into the clubs, which of course he is denied. And because of that he gets angry and cries? Throwing a little hissy pissy much? And the crying seemed a little exaggerating, which is quite disappointing but still worked. Not sure about his successive outfit changes in one music video. I counted 18 outfits changes and heck, I am not even at the end of the video. Most of the changes were in the first 1 minute, which is quite a lot of outfits for one video. While counting however, I did notice one scene. GD, are you really pissing on the wall? Cause that is really traumatising. On top of that, we see a neglected GD, where his acting was quite fine. I feel for you mate, if that ever happens to you.

I did not like the live performance that much. Not really impressed with the dance. I was just watching G Dragon’s stage for this song, and wow, I really like it how he actually has a stage made for him only. Pretty amazing.

8/10. Much better than Coup D’etat. Way better. Let’s just wait for more music videos to come out for his other songs. Also, I don’t think I will be reviewing any more G Dragon videos anymore. There are like another two coming out. Have not made an exact decision yet, but it is most likely going that way.


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